In case you guys were sleeping TOO well recently:, Here's Art the Clown from Terrifier


Here’s Art the Clown from Terrifier. He specializes in turning your entire life into darkness and filling your nightmares with the sins of your past! Enjoy:


Damn, I hate clowns.

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That was one brutal, gory movie. He makes Pennywise look like a nice fellow.


I’ve actually never seen it, but I read the plot synopsis today and that was quite enough of that.

@drunkwooky I like horror films & am fine with gore, but this movie would fall into the “gore porn” category. It was really, really over the top.

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Killer Clowns From Outer Space was the scariest movie of all time.

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Eh, clowns have never scared me like they do some folk. Now airplanes…yeah. I hate flying.

I like planes and I also like jumping out of them.

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See, I’d take a clown up in my face 100% of the time more than me getting on a plane, let alone EVER jumping out of one. Shows how it is interesting the ways phobias work.

For those wondering how I fly when it is absolutely necessary. I take my doctor-prescribed anxiety meds as well as motion sickness pills so I don’t also throw-up as I’ve been known to do that on planes too.

I’m afraid of ducks and geese. Mostly all water-laden fowl.

That and social interactions in general. You know, crippling general anxiety. Not sure if that’s a phobia, but if it isn’t woah nelly I’d like to meet a real phobia because it is a b1tch!

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Anxiety can be remedied via modern science! I know first hand.

Has anyone seen the movie Clown? I think It is Eli Roth? I have wanted to watch it… but I am scared of clowns.

Fear of heights here…a few times I honestly would have rather taken a bullet than rappel or climb down mountains in the Corps. Obviously had to suck it up…but man, I don’t even like standing behind railings on cliffs or outlooks. Amazing how your body & senses can assault you.

In college I was able and just fine to walk to the edge of the Grand Canyon and have no issues of fear or thinking I’d fall. Now in my older days, yeah that wouldn’t happen anymore. Amazing how depth perception and later knowledge comes into play later in life haha.

My only fear are clowns. I fear nothing else.

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And the development of our frontal lobes. They aren’t fully developed until our mid to later 20s. It’s the part of our brain responsible for risk assessment, planning, a.k.a. Being and adult.


I have pretty much overcome anxiety and panic disorder I had in my 20’s. I would say I am mostly out of the tunnel. Would love to hear your side of it Misfit.

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I find the anxiety symptoms have reduced. Started as a teenager. Peaked in 20s (really bad!!!). Declined in to 30s and early-40s. For me, it’s the minimum daily dose of sertraline. And I purchased some CBD powder 20mg (thc-free and legal) to take the edge off when needed. I tried meditating and all off of that stuff 100 times without success. Breathing, mindfulness, etc. Unfortunately, none of that worked for me.

I can say that seeking help from a doctor has been extraordinarily life changing and regret not seeking a doctors help much earlier in life. I was also amazed to hear the vast number of people who suffer from a similar condition. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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Pennywise still tops for creepy. And the clown from American Horror Story Carnival. Yuuccch !

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Whoops, made a mistake, it was American Horror story , Freak Show.