In Case You Missed It: Savage Spider-Man #4 First Evolved Spider-Man

So at the end of Savage Spider-Man #3 the grotesque looking Savage Spider-Man is burned to death and a new Peter Parker is reborn from the ashes.

In Savage Spider-Man #4 we get the new Savage Peter Parker called the Evolved Spider-Man full appearance.

The character sticks around through issue #5 were he becomes Omnipotent Peter Parker and goes into the hive mind of Peter Parkers.



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Damn u posted now the app is gonna alert people. I didn’t even finish reading just another buy and tuck spider book for me.

Don’t worry. You have a day or two. They need to buy up some copies and THEN alert everyone.


Issues 3 and 4 have been out for awhile. Shows you how much people actually read, lol. Seems like these should have shown up in “Key” lists of the week when they came out. I’m sure we’ll see a “big thanks to Alan on CHU for pointing these out” when they do alert everyone.

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That would be the day…

Yeah I definitely didnt read the books yet. Preordered waiting for delivery will grab some more copies now.

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isnt it a 5 part mini series ?

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To me the character looks like McFarlane had a spider baby with Liefield. Even down to the badly drawn feet and pouches. It is funny that this cool looking Spider-Man fell through the cracks with everyone in a Spiderverse frenzy as of late. Doesn’t look like anyone read it as there’s only a few reviews for the book online. So I imagine it’s print run is between 22-35k. If this Spider-Man does every show up again this is a good book to have for cover price. I think the character design is great and can be hero or even a mega villain as this Spider-Man was willing to let thousands die to save billions like Thanos. I would say definitely deserving of some future exploration.


If it’s not tied to spider-verse, I think most don’t care right now.

Well, that will change. I bought all five issues to read. It looked interesting but I never did order it. There was just too much other stuff.