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Let’s start a indie comic topic, where we talk all things indie related to comics. This one is for the really small publishers and creator owned stuff, which can also be links to kickstarters that lead to publishers picking up books, etc.

Wanted to start off with Delphinium #1 (of 2) which is a new solicit for a small indie book (they even used the dreaded “allocation” word claiming it’s limited to just 500 copies total).

This is my type of potential indie book I tend to love when they mix sci-fi within.

“An astronaut falls into the world of Delphinium after a freak accident on their satellite. Eerily similar to Earth, Delphinium has oxygen, plants and insect life but things are just off and continue to go wrong. Part 1 in a 2 part mini series- Delphinium is 28 pages of perfectly trippy sci-fi you’ve grown to love from Pat. Only 500 available, subject to allocation.”


Here’s another new book coming out that has my interest… Seems like it could be a really interesting read done by a well known manga artist.

Ghost of Kyiv #1

Well-known Japanese manga author Matsuda Djuko was inspired by the events of February 2022, when the skies over Kyiv were heroically defended by Ukrainian pilots of the Tactical Aviation Brigade, giving rise to the urban legend of the Ghost of Kyiv, a MiG-29 pilot who won 6 air victories in the sky over the capital.

Ghost of Kyiv #1


My bro is in the Air Force so I’[m picking up a copy for him. Thx!


I struggle defining indie books. I tend to think of everything outside of Marvel/DC as indie, but honestly, Image and Boom put out consistently on par/better books. Maybe those should be considered the big four?

I don’t consider Image or Boom indie, they’re small publishers in my opinion.

Great topic. As a big Indie fan, I’m down!

Got my eyes on this one currently, it’s on FOC this week.

Far South Crooks Pimps & Gauchos #1. Seems like a potential cool concept story, nothing ground breaking. I do like the cover art as well, hoping the interior is just as fantastic.

It’s got a hefty cover price so I don’t expect a lot of shops to go heavy on this one either.


The Sickness by Jenna Cha
“Body horror set in mid-century Americana. Fourteen issue epic.”

I’m a Junji Ito fan, and this looks similar. I bought the 5 cover set from the Uncivilized Books for $30 shipped; gambling on what condition I’ll get. I used GOODCOMICS coupon at checkout for -$3.75.


Thats a really good deal

Here is variant E that I was updated about via Uncivilized Books newsletter. They said it’s their own limited store variant. Also, if you do buy from them and get free shipping, then don’t be surprised if it’s media mail.

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Anybody get to read The Sickness yet? I couldn’t find a copy while I waited for mine to be shipped.

I got a copy but haven’t picked up my books this week. Cannot wait to read it

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The next Far South book is on FOC. I enjoyed the first one, despite it’s hefty cover price, pre-orders are where it’s at on these to save a few bucks.

Far South the Great Union Score

Far South the Great Union Score (Cover A - Bergara)

last gasp’s website has a good sale. not sure if it’s an ongoing sale or for a limited time but the more stuff you add to the cart the more each item gets discounted. lots of great underground stuff from the 70’s on there can be had for 50% off.


Thanks for sharing that!

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anybody own Fogel’s Underground Comix Price Guide Supplement?

i have a high(ish)-grade run of cherry poptart i want to put up for auction but i’m finding it incredibly difficult to distinguish between 1st/2nd/4th/5th/etc printings of many of the issues.

i’ve read that fogel’s is the best resource for this info but i dont have a copy yet. if someone wouldn’t mind sending me some pics from the fogel’s guide or help direct me to a different resource it’d be greatly appreciated.

I know without looking #1 has a second story called Vampironica. It was the only print that had the backup story.

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I have Fogel’s guide. It’s a great resource and can try to assist you.

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that’s awesome thanks a lot.

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