Infinity Gauntlet #1 2nd Print

Prior to this hectic rough month for me I was only grabbing SW HR 7 Action Figure Variants and Infinity Gauntlet #1 (2015), and some Nova (based characters) Nova 5
With Ko-rel on the cover drawn by GRANOV.

I really do not know the spec on Infinity Gauntlet 1 other than “Eve/Anwan Bakian” 1st appearance but recently I discovered there was a 2nd print which probably meant low print run. I see they are pricey. Some of you May want to head in to those back issues and do a little digging.

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I picked up 2 second prints last year for $4 digging – sold them for $75 and $85 in March. Everything Feige has said has been about Richard Rider and Sam Alexander. I think Anwen Bakian is long shot spec from content providers just looking for something else to talk about.

Flip 'em if you got 'em

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I agree but at the same time I think they are gaging the MCU Fan reaction to America Chavez, MS Marvel, MOON Girl, Captain Carter, the upcoming She Hulk and other female characters… It’s clear they are looking for a new target audience. The trend is women characters… Towards the end of End Game… I was like… What now?? A-Force??

i wouldnt say they looking for a new audience, i think there trying to expand the audience, now that will rub some of the older people the wrong way. buy for long term speculation purposes there good bets.

as for IG #1 2nd print its a low print book, likely lower print than the 1st print ratio, with whole family on cover. i have 7 copies pack away in one of my longhold boxes. the rumor is the show will have Richard and sam and after miniseries Richard will go to movies and sam will be more street level with ms marvel and others…Champions? but with 2 different main novas who can tell what side characters they will use for them

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Later prints are just for people that missed the incentives to have something to pump, unless the later print has the first cover no reason to pay a premium. I don’t care about print runs I care about print dates.


I took that scene as tea leaves indicating to start buying A-Force.

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And for the people who like preview appearances, she made a preview cameo in Marvel Free Previews Secret Wars

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sweet – didn’t know that – just picked that up for $2 Tuesday. I even had to complain on my Instagram that I hated paying for previews, but my OCD overwhelmed my wallet. Glad to know there’s something more to it.

Yes Secret Wars is all the rage this week

I’m pretty sure some of the family are only on 2nd print cover. It’s why I bought them years back. I got ratios for issue 1 and 2 as well so I’m set if there is ever news

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