Instagram Sales/Trend

Instagram Sales have always been a thing, but I feel like in the last 6 months or so (actually in the last 3), they have really taken a stride.
While initially not a huge fan, I’ve come across more & more that I’ve somewhat enjoyed & also gotten good deals from. I’m certainly very cautious about the who & how of the shows before buying, but this far so good.

There are a few “sponsor” type Instagram groups who assist and run sales for sellers. I’ve actually found these to be done very well also.

If nothing else, it’s fun at times to simply window shop & see some crazy rare comics and learn about them.

Can be frustrating if you can’t get your claims in. Like all platforms, some sellers have junk, go to slow, price to high, but you just “one & done” them.

Anyway, if you are looking for an alternative buying route, check it out. I’ve also come across very few sales where they won’t take a fair offer.

On the flip side of that, I’ve seen a few YouTube comic folks have started doing some live sales on YouTube. I’ve yet to see anything positive on those. Won’t name names but a bunch of junk books, overpriced & over hyped. Sometimes even falsely hyped. Man, I shouldn’t let it bother me but it pisses me off when I see someone buying a book for $20 or $30 that is still on racks or $1 bins.

Anyone else doing significant buying from Instagram?



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I kinda hope they sign Barry Sanders to the team for day so he can get a ring.

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I’ve never even considered instagram as a buying or selling platform. I’m wondering how different it is from classic platforms like eBay/mercari. In particular the work involved to put an item out there to get views, and security from scammers.

Here’s something I found that provides selling tips.

Makes me think there’s a lot of upfront work to get people to notice what you’re selling…but maybe just having the right hashtags gets you the views?

I definitely do not want to “partner” with influencers.


Football players are a very superstitious lot. If they make it to the big game, I highly doubt they will subject themselves to “jinxing” their chances by signing him. Plus if the opposition got word they’d use it as fuel that they are being disrespected.

Regardless, I don’t see Barry signing up. If he really wanted it that bad he would have stuck it out few more years or requested a trade. He is smart, and not selfish…I think he’d respectfully turn the idea down and be happy in a supporting role as a fan cheering them on.

I thinm inviting him to be present on the sidelines or give a locker room speech would be motivating for the team, and not disrespectful to the opponent in any way.

Cheering them on as well…hoping they find a way to get to the big game.

What were we talking about again…? Oh yeah, instagram sales…

When it comes to sports and most things in life, no one deserves anything. You gotta earn that shit! :wink:


Holy back-of-a-milk-carton BatmanFan, it’s @Pooky!

Ive bought plenty of books from Instagram. If you look through some theres a bunch that will just list off books for dirt cheap and ive found some great deals. Live ones i don’t really care for watching a stream for 30 minutes for a book I might want

There is absolutely no way I’d want to sell on there. Too much going on. Too many responses. Instagram can sometimes not let messages/chat go through so the seller needs at a minimum two “screens/viewers” checking for claims. Folks are asking things, making offers, etc, etc. Some upset that they didn’t get the book because someone else claimed first. The good sellers shit down nonsense quick though.

Having said that negative stuff…some of these sellers have it down pat & it makes for great sales.

I haven’t seen too many “influencer” types on Instagram…(yet). Mainly just some of the really legitimate collector types who seem to bring some great stuff to the table. Clearly, selling on Instagram gets around any fees whatsoever so these individuals are using it to their advantage.

One thing I like…is that it’s personal…some of these sellers truly know this hobby and they provide some amazing insight while also showing & selling books I’ve never seen. Typically they have affordable stuff too. Good story telling.

Anyhoo…back to Lions talk!!! :blush: