Introducing the New CHU Subreddit!

I was messing around and stumbled into creating a subreddit for comicsheatingup.

It looks like right now I am the sole moderator (" u/5on7G03s") and I have little to no clue as to what I am doing.

So, if you guys are up for some off-brand CHU, or want to help me out setting it up, give me a visit over there.


Time to stalk your Reddit history!

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I don’t even use or visit reddit ever… You all have fun, I would just say, if it’s associated with CHU, same rules we have here apply there.

Time to copy/paste the rules.

You’ll likely find the same personality my CHU Forum history displays.

I use Reddit! I can join it.

Ooh… Make @davidbitterbaum a moderator over there too…

I mean, they could. I dunno if I need that much responsibility, but I can try! You’re giving me dangerous levels of power, @agentpoyo. It could go to my head!

Message me over there and I’ll make you a mod. Somehow. Once I figure out how, guaranteed, you’re in.

Might be tomorrow. Got a Covid booster. Took NyQuil. Systems not optimal.

Covid Booster and NyQuil? Are you even fully awake or is this subconscious-Wooky posting? I’ll send a PM shortly tho.

Soon enough I’m gonna start pulling you in with some technical website training… then you can just take over all my duties and also replace my leg with your leg in the chain, down in the basement…