Introducing, a Star Wars Comics Key Issue Database

I’m building this database to catalogue Star Wars comics first appearances and key issues. On mobile the table columns will stack to read on the width of the phone screen. You can rotate your phone horizontal to view the full table format. There’s also a search function to jump to relevant issues.

It is a work in progress and still has a lot of entries for me to input. It’s been slow going because I have been rereading and revisiting every issue on the list. I’ve been cross-referencing and comparing databases and verifying publication timelines.

I wanted to slowly roll this out. Any feedback is encouraged. Unless it’s “hey, Wooky, you’re dumb, you’re ideas are dumb, and you should feel bad!” That feedback, while not necessarily false, would not be helpful as I am already aware of all that.

Thanks guys. All joking aside, this forum has really helped carry me through a tough year. So thanks regardless!


As soon as UK stores are allowed to open up I’m going diving for some books so thanks for this Wook no doubt it’ll be some good help

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My plan is for it to become more and more helpful as time goes on. I want to add a “methodology” page to explain some decisions made in the process. The reason being that, when producing any of these types of lists, there comes a time whether to choose a trade paperback or a comic issue, a magazine format or newspaper strip, etc., etc.

I like the idea. Do you know if HK-47 ever made an appearance in comics?

Negative. The HK-24 model from Czerka Corporation that Revan adapted into HK-47 is in the Dark Horse Knights of the Old Republic comics, first appearing in issue 13.

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Just simply define, for your site, what constitutes a comic book, what constitutes a TPB, and so on. Then use terms to define 1sts that happen in those defined categories. So, comic books, once defined, can be known as the 1st appearance (cameo or full, whatever). Then perhaps anything else could be known as an alternative first, or true first (I personally don’t like that name :man_shrugging:). Or something along those lines. Idk. Thinking out loud here. :beers:

Hey, everybody! It’s been a while and I’ve been working quietly behind the scenes making updates, fixes, improvements, and as always entering more and more entries into the WookyWiki database.

I wanted to give an updated about some new features that I’m pretty proud of.

First, in response to @jcLu 's recommendation for definitions and methodology, I listed out my definitions and methodology for full transparency.

Second, @Gbess recommended a filter function easier sift through information. I added a table header with an active field for each column. You can enter a keyword into any of the columns and the columns will filter for that information in those columns.

You can search for a title, for a character under “first appearance”, for artists, for writers. Unfortunately, this function won’t show up when the table is stacked on mobile, so you’ll need to turn your phone horizontally to use this function.


Showed the wife yesterday the new update. She likes it. She says it will make things easier when she goes out comic hunting with her cousin lol

Ok, so I had some major speed issues. It was a combination of a lot of things. Large amount of large images loading, a non-dedicated shared server without enough resources dedicated to my site, some extraneous code, etc., etc.

My best bud and coworker offered to let me host on his server, and for now, until we migrate the domain, WookyWiki is at this url:

It’s not pretty right now, but it’s functional and fast(er).