Invincible 1st Appearances? - SPOILERS!

Question for anybody that has read the entire Invincibles run… just wondering which characters persevere and have the biggest impact in the series.

People watching the TV series may not want to read ahead if they don’t want to know this info.

Key Issues list here

Thanks. It lists First Appearances but no feel for whether the characters are important or have staying power.

So your own research here

Come on, we’re better than that. If we setup a discussion forum just to link and tell others to do their own research, we might as well just shut this site down and perhaps redirect it to :wink:


I like that idea.


Yeah, anybody CAN figure out the first appearance or key of pretty much any property, theoretically. What we all provide as members, is taking the few small steps in between to get to the conclusion for others. Otherwise, what are we doing? What’s it all been for?