Invincible Artist Sues Robert Kirkman

“Fraud and deceit has become a standard business practice for Kirkman and is apparently where his true creative aptitude lies,” claims attorney Devin McRae in the complaint

I read about this, not surprised at all. Kirkman with all his “legal” woes when it comes to money with his television films shows us his true character as a business man.

He brought me back to comics but now it’s funny as time passes, the more I dislike this guy…

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“Never meet your heroes” covers learning too much about them as well in my estimation.

Also, people need to stop signing shit! PSA to any artists or creatives out there: if somebody is asking you to sign something regarding your work, it’s because you have ownership in it and leverage.You don’t need to sign things. At least not as they’re presented to you.


Get a good lawyer before signing anything!


If only Kirkman focused as much on his lack lustre writing ‘skills’, as he does on swindling other creators. :man_shrugging:


That’s a bingo. There are some things you shouldn’t DIY

I am a lawyer. I don’t do wills, trusts, and estate planning.

I am currently paying a lawyer to do my will and estate planning. “The attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

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