Invincible Iron Man 9

One guy on another site wrote this about IIM 9 being on it’s top ten list:

9.8’s sold very well this week with a range generally in the $375-430 range. I have said this before, much to the disagreement of some, this book is the least important of IIM 7, IIM 9 and IIM 1. See Captain Marvel 14, Captain Marvel 17 (non 2nd print), Ms Marvel 1 (or ANMNPO 1).

Isn’t this guy wrong to compare IIM 9 to Captain Marvel 17, shouldn’t he compare it to All-New Marvel Now Point One 1 if he is going to do a first full appearance comparison between the 3 books. I don’t understand what he’s saying, can someone make sense of it? He throws in Ms. Marvel 1 as being the same book as ANMNPO 1. Is he talking about Ms. Marvel from 1977 and saying she is the same person as Kamala. Or is he saying Ms. Marvel from 1977 is the same value as ANMNPO 1? Does he not know that the first full appearance of Kamala was in ANMNPO1 and not Captain Marvel 17?

The point he’s trying to make is she isn’t Ironheart until IIM 1.

The armor she wears in 9 isn’t ironheart armor.

So in that essence she doesn’t become the character ironheart until IIM 1 like Kamala becomes Ms Marvel in Point One.

It’s not a full Vs cameo thing.

I’m not saying I agree with reasoning, but that’s the point he’s trying to make.

The same argument can be made for someone like Eddie Brock. He was in several issues before ASM 300.

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Well could the CGC have some effect on CM 17 because if you look at the description on a slab it says the second cameo appearance is this book.

You saw that on CBSI…so take their opinion with a grain of salt


CBSI? He’s probably got a stack of one of the books and not the other lol


I was so confused with the acronym ANMNPO1. I didn’t figure it out on my own.

All New Marvel Now Point One


Oh, I eventually got it, but never saw that acronym before. I should have known because I have a few of these!

There was a time when the Women of Power variant for issue 7 was the book to have. I guess not anymore!

My two cents:

Seeing someone in their civilian identity or before their heroic identity is different than when suit-up as the hero. That is worth noting.

I feel if a hero appears and introduces themselves that is first full, however, and not a cameo. Wolverine’s first full appearance is Incredible Hulk 180, Taskmaster’s first full appearance is Avengers #195. Their first COVER is the next issue, but that’s my feeling.


You completely missed what I was saying. It has nothing to do with cameo vs full.

It’s when she becomes her superhero identity. That doesn’t happen until IIM 1.

Eddie Brock for example had his first appearance/full/etc… all before becoming Venom. But it’s ASM 300 that people want.

That’s the point the author is trying to make.

I’m not saying he’s right or wrong. Just the point he’s trying to make is she doesn’t become Iron Heart until IIM 1 like Kamala becomes Ms Marvel in Point One.

Now I don’t want any of these books.

Just shipped an IIM1 today too…good bye!

I just got my IIM 7 and 9 today in the mail I was really excited about… No boards no cardboard. The 2 books that were NM, loose in a paper envelope from hawaii. haha. I don’t recommend panda comics. Told me I should talk to my post office and blocked me when i mentioned they were damaged.

Sounds like some shop needs a report card.

That’s an instant PayPal dispute right there.