Iron Heart development?

I have some very nice copies of her 1st that I keep moving to the back of the pile with regards to grading. I should bite the bullet and get them in line. I don’t like or dislike the character but word of her (and the corresponding price of her books) has really waxed and waned over the last couple of years.

I need to be ready to cash in at the ultimate peak lol.


Ugh what crap. I also don’t really believe this rumor. The most cynical kind of character that can be created- a genius teen who has no connection to Stark put in the role because Bendis is on his little crusade. They call her the cloying “Ironheart” to imply she’s empowered or whatever (instead of the more obvious Iron Maiden) and yet her series was still called “Iron Man.” I don’t think anyone likes her, I’ll be shocked if they end up doing this instead of Shuri as Iron Woman, daughter of Rhodey, Kang as a successor, no Iron Man spinoff, etc.

My issue with all these ridiculous “Legacy” characters of the last ten years is that the Marvel sycophants just cannot understand how they were all created for cynical marketing purposes to eventually be in a movie, and should never have been used. The difference between them and characters created after Stan’s time like the Punisher and Wolverine is that those characters, like them or not, legitimately became popular with readers so there was clearly something there. By contrast, the ones nobody cared about like Black Goliath and the Human Fly (and yes, even Shang Chi) fell by the wayside, but Marvel doesn’t let this happen anymore as they have to artificially push and push the goofy new creations who check off the boxes.


Man… tell us how you really feel? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never been on the Iron Heart bandwagon either. It’s Bendis trying to create a character out of political correctness rather than from creativity…

I’m so glad Bendis is off at DC… I don’t care if he ruins their characters.


So what are the key issues?

Well, I will tell ya, it took Punisher and Wolverine a good decade or more after their creations to slowly but surely gain popularity to get their own series. I am more inline with proven characters getting their just rewards as opposed to a flavor of the month, so to speak.

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Get the 1st and 2nd print too

1st Riri and 1st Riri in armour. I’m personally unaware of any other significant Ironheart books.

Apparently Tony Stark is not dead either as Downy is in talks to play Ironman again.

Wolverine’s popularity came from the X-men cartoon, Punishers popularity came from The Spider-Man cartoon from the same time.

Yeah, I was going to say the political correctness thing, I’ve been to brainwashed by the progressive nut jobs everywhere else on the internet to keep it to myself. Hence why I wrote the essay about everything else :wink:

My issue is that she’s not a character coming from a genuine place- Bendis has some weird kink about genius African American teen girls to the exclusion of other races. I can’t take him seriously because I remember when he made several derogatory comments about other races on his message board many years ago.

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I’m gonna take some ribbing here. I 99% agree with the perspectives already listed…Can’t stand the majority of the forced stuff. For most of it, I just ride the wave, put em on a list, buy em, and trade em off/flip em as they tend to be caught in a constant cyclic news cycle of spec.

However… I really enjoyed me some Lady Thor. As a matter of fact…I just pulled the trigger on that expensive 1:50 Lee Thor 705 book. I think that is one of the most beautiful covers ever done. I’m glad it is done…I didn’t want her/the story to go on forever, but it was entertaining while it lasted.


I like Spidergwen, Chinese Superman, Miles, Rescue, RiRi, Shuri Black Panther, Jane Thor, Luna Snow…,not so much Awesome Hulk, Kate Bishop, Kamala Khan, Hulkling, and Wiccan

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I would’ve been on board if they called her “Ther.” The perfect name, I would have been on board just for the cleverness. But no, she’s “Thor,” because all women are equal to Thor HEAR THEM ROAR

Of course, I also thought they should’ve called the She-Hulk letters page “She-Mail,” so I’m more for puns than political correctness…

That show list they dropping today damn :+1:

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Yeah, man. The teasers that we got were fire already. Moon Knight, Ms Marvel and She Hulk are all going to be popular I think. Casting has seemed really spot on for the main characters and those teasers did nothing to change that opinion.


Whats strange and I have no idea what it’s leading up to…but Riri is going to be in 3 Marvel Studio projects: Black Panther 2, Armor Wars, and now Ironheart…

My guess:

Black Panther 2 - her irotroduction
Armor Wars - she builds the prototype suit(s)
Ironheart - she has the final suit

I would think Armor Wars would be first but a brief cameo maybe the armor blue prints land in her lap at some point. Armor Wars is suppose to take place after Endgame and will deal with most likely Spymaster or Sharon stealing the armor blueprints. Black Panther 2 she will have armor she makes. Iron heart will be a new suit with help from Wakanda.

bp was coming out before armor wars, but with delays who knows now

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