Iron Man 2020-

Frogman that’s all I’ve got to say about this series

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the run so far? Have you been enjoying it? I’m hoping it picks up a lot more over the next few issues

I read issue 1 and I was happy to see where the tone was headed. The Ross covers are a definite draw. It’s hard to believe how far the Iron Man comic brand fell before this series while the MCU Iron Man soared.

I gave it an arc as I thought it could be an interesting take Tony, but reading it feels like wading through treacle - a world apart from the snappy dialogue that I enjoyed in Cantwell’s Doom.

The art’s impressive but I don’t enjoy looking at it, and the supporting cast just introduced is intriguing (hell yeah Frogman) but I’m dropping it going forward.

I have fond memories of reading the Korvac saga as a kid but he’s such a flat, uninspiring villain here.

The next arc sounds crazy, and I love me some cosmic shenanigans, but I don’t have faith Cantwell can coolly handle space stuff. I thought the Antlion sections bogged down Doom somewhat, but perhaps I’ve been spoiled by Ewing and Cabal’s Guardians.

Idk. It’s okay. Maybe I just don’t like Tony Stark.

Needs more Kang.

I’ve been digging the run so far.

More Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat is always good.

Depending how well frogman and gargoyle do I can see them becoming a possible future duo

Its been a solid run so far. I like Cantwell. Doom and Everything were both good titles.

I bought the first issue but have been waiting on more issues to hit MU to read.