Ironheart in MCU?

Seems like RDJ is down with Ironheart in the MCU. If it does happen, I would prefer that Ironheart is Shuri. I’m just not a fan of the backstory of comic book Ironheart. Shuri makes way more sense on a genius and technology side of the playing field.

What does everyone else think?

90% chance if ironheart is in mcu it will be shuri

This hasn’t happened in the comics as of yet, right? Would be an MCU original?

It would make perfect sense. Plus I love the actress who plays Shuri. I think she is adorable. She has the tech knowledge, already has shown use or armor and weapons, and has built tech suits

I dont see Shuri taking up the IM mantle. It makes sense from a tech standpoint, but there is little to no connection between Shuri and Tony. With the Quantum realm being a thing in the MCU, I believe Morgan will be the next IM. Her dad was the original IM, her mom has worn and fought in IM armour, it makes sense for her to carry that torch. Shuri will take up the BP mantle, eventually. Imo.

And she’s likely smarter than Tony Stark… :wink:

My money would be on Monica Rambeau taking up the mantle. She’ll be back in one way or another, maybe gaining super-powers, but likely a pilot like her mom in new Stark armor?

I think Monica will become Photon/Spectrum. Marias Airforce nickname that was on her fighter jet in Captain Marvel movie is foreshadowing Monicas eventual entrance as her own super hero, Photon.


Unless Danvers can propagate her powers, Photon would need a basis for her super-powers. I don’t think it’d be a stretch to use her in a Riri-like position where she’s a really gifted scientist/pilot who is taken up by Pepper Potts & the Stark Foundation. I don’t see Potts letting her daughter take up the mantle and the timeline would allow Monica to be an adult at the time when a new Iron Man is needed.

I think that is a great theory, @PanelPunx. And it certainly could be what happens. However, Marvel has all sorts of options to give Monica her powers. She doesnt necessarily have to be Captain Marvel type powerful.
Pepper may not want to see her child become a hero, but can she tell her adult child what to do? If Morgan is anything like her Dad, then I feel she will be the type to beg for forgiveness later, rather than ask for permission now.
With the Quantum realm and time travel being a thing in the MCU now, the writers can practically write any timeline they want to.
Regardless of how it goes down, I think we both agree that Monica will play a large® role in the MCU moving forward. Cheers.

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An update:

I think maybe White Tiger if he’s a hero he does train martial arts. If he’s a villain maybe Beetle which could also make sense for Armor Wars and Thunderbolts. Could be Marvel trying to rush out their Beetle before DC’s Blue Beetle.


Could also be Nova Sam Alexander or Antonio Stark but he’s Ultimate verse.

Zeke Stan is my random guess

Zeke Stane would be as old as Tony Stark.

They’ll find a way to tell War Machine’s story…
It will be his kin taking up the Mantle as Ironheart…

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Starting to hear Dr Doom will cameo in Black Panther 2 possible end credit scene.


I’d be down for that.

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