Irredeemable is already on a high but Incorruptible is a steal right now. In my opinion since I own both series, Incorruptible is better read

Jupiter’s legacy and Sweet Tooth sucked on Netflix without Marvel Netflix is worse than CW when it comes to comic shows. The only show I thought was good on Netflix was Umbrella Academy but it takes long pauses in between seasons.


These are going to be movies, the ones you referenced are shows.

I like Agents of Sheild, but they removed it in the middle of me watching it… :frowning:

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We were all laughing about how the spec before the announcement was wishful thinking as this was dead in the water. Well, who’s laughing now?

Picture of me with a bunch of first issues

I’m laughing!

(I actually sold my issues long ago, but wanted to be funny)

How? The way the series ended I don’t get how you’d continue it. Unless we’re talking reboot…