Is a "Discount" expected?

I saw this topic being discussed on a comic book forum.

If/when you attend a comic convention/show, do you ask for and expect to receive a “discount/deal” when purchasing comics from a vendor?

In my mind, I’m not talking about things like a few dollar bin books, or even a $5 to $10 type book. More of the situation of buying a pricier book or a bundle of books.

I’m of the opinion (from my past of both selling and buying) that some sort of discount/flexibility should be provided-even if it only amounts to something like 5 to 10%. I would likely walk or not buy the books if the seller was not flexible at all (and the prices weren’t good to begin with). That’s just me I guess.

I see folks who say absolutely not, and that the cost of setting up at con/paying staff, etc is a factor that discounts are never offered. I see the reverse of saying what is the point of even setting up if you are going to price at current rates (or above) and offer no flexibility as it is unlikely sales will be made.

It’s an interesting debate to me. Thoughts? If you were buying a bunch of comics (or a pricey book) and the seller says “No deals/no discounts”–do you walk? (I’m also not talking about some rare, golden age book that could never be found elsewhere).

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I would expect deals/discounts on the last day of the convention.

But, for ANY of the convention days, would I ask the seller for a discount. It just seems like an insult.

If I want to negotiate, I’ll look online, for Ebay sellers with Make An Offer options.


Prices on collectibles are subjective. I ask for deals on almost every back issue I buy, whether that be at my LCS, or at a convention. I expect a deal when packaging/bundling a bunch of books together. If the seller doesn’t want to deal, then I either walk away if I think the prices are too steep, or Ill pay asking price if I think the price is still in my range of acceptability.

So, to answer the question; no, I don’t expect a discount, but I certainly try to get one. Such is the way of buying, trading, and selling collectibles.


The haggle is part of comic collecting and selling it’s not offensive. The buyer wants a deal, the seller wants to convince the buyer to pay more than the price on the cover.


I dont expect it but i will always inquire if it means saving a few $. the ones who give deals are typically the ones I go back to. penny pinchers i steer clear of.


If a dealer is offended someone is interested in what he/she is selling, the. He/she is in the wrong business.

Now, that being said, don’t be an ass and ask for 50% discount. Do your research, explain your case (or be ready to) and make a fair offer.

If anything, offer it on day 1, and if no deal ask if they
Might reconsider on day 3. Grease the skids. Then it’s a little more palatable when offered again.

Be considerate and respectful. That’s what everyone wants/deserves.


The conventions that I go to I see about 50-70% of people asking for a deal, usually they’re very nice about it. This creates a problem in that I’m finding more and more that the prices marked are a bit overpriced compared to market value. Looks like the vendor have factored that into the pricing. Now if it was something that is a already a great deal then no I wouldn’t be asking for a deal.


My typical approach is this (if after seeing their comics there is a substantial amount of books I would like/or the total price is pretty hefty)…

“You have quite a few books I really like. If I make multiple purchases would you work with me a little?” Rare that I have anyone say no.

Then, I always give them the books, and let them give me what they would like. I’m happy even if it ends up a few dollars/5%/whatever. I feel like they get to make the decision/have control, while letting me save something.


At the cons I go to in my area, everyone uses the same line. They’ll grab a bunch of books (sometimes they’re dollar books too). There may be 20 books in the stack and ask “Hi, what’s the best you can do on this?” Let’s say the price marked is $30, the vendor will usually say how about $25? This works every time and the sale goes through.


I will politely ask someone selling if there is wiggle room or bundle deals. If they say yes, we talk turkey. If they say no, I understand and may very well buy from them still if they have good stuff/great prices/etc.


My thoughts are if you’re a comic seller who’s offended by haggling or being asked for a small discount you’re definitely in the wrong line of work.

I think all sellers and buyers need to be flexible. I mean if you don’t want to offer a discount it’s your prerogative but it’d be smart to just price your books 5-20% higher than you’re comfortable with selling it for. That way you’re getting what you want as a seller and the buyers getting a “discount”.