Is Adam Hughes still active/ok

Any one know what happened to Adam Hughes/ his website?

Seems like his site was abandon. I recall for sometime he sells or update his status on his website.
Any information would be much appreciated.

He’s still active on Twitter.

His last Instagram post was 2/16/22

But yeah, as @monopolyjackson said, looks like Twitter is his preferred platform now.

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In one of the updates from his manager and wife, Allison, she mentioned

“Earlier this year, Adam started on a new professional path. He was approached to be a part of a creative team outside of the comics industry, and the opportunity to flex different artistic muscles and work alongside talented new colleagues was too good to pass up.”


I watched an interview with him recently and he confirmed he’s doing design full time for Marvel now that he can’t talk about. So likely MCU work.


Even if your “busy” or occupied, I wouldn’t think he needs to take down his own site. Less, someone possibly “bought” him out. Think about it, all the years of building/selling your work on your own site. Now for some strange reason, you abandon/take down a site that you used for years… because your working on a “secret” project. This sound like a blackmail story… lol

Flexing your muscle while abandoning the site you used for years to sell your work/art. This makes no logical sense. At the very least you can leave a post on your site saying this… For someone of his caliber I don’t think it would be too difficult to do. Maybe he taking a backseat and don’t want anyone to bother him through his site. If you look at the reply from people, he seems to be very quiet these days.