Is anyone else experiencing insanity at their post office?

Here’s a wonderful USPS story… yesterday when dropping off my prepaid packages, I was told by the postal worker that they don’t have a drop off anymore and I would have to wait in line, due to covid. So two things:

  1. I had already opened the window to place the packages inside (I think that’s a nyc thing, where there are two windows between the scale where only one side can be opened at a time, probably to protect the postal workers). It was so easy for them to just leave them in there. It wasn’t being used as there was only one window being manned at the time.

  2. How the F#!@ does it make sense to make more people stand in line together if your reasoning for eliminating drop offs is covid??? Literally 8 people on line at the time, at least 4 had packages they just needed to drop off.

I don’t know if they’re doing this anywhere else, but this is the 2nd nyc post office in as many weeks to do this to me.

I am so done with NYC… too many astonishingly stupid people here who can make too many terrible decisions that affect the rest of us. Don’t get me started on the mayor.

::end vent::

When the drop box isn’t working or stuck at mine, they just let me bring it up off the to side while someone is checking out.

Doesn’t make sense to make people wait in line, unless you want them to scan it and give you receipt that it was accepted and dropped off.

That does not make any sense. My local post office has a window at the end you just walk up to and drop off. Not a huge PO or anything. Most of my packages are picked up by the letter carriers themselves. I have a good mail man. Come on down to Maryland.

My local post office allows anyone with a pre-paid package to drop it off in a large bin placed at the front counter. Not sure why your post office would want people to wait close together longer as a measure to prevent covid. Makes zero sense.

Just request they pick up the package from your residence there’s a button on most shipping labels to do this now.

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I wait in line for a receipt but I’m in a rural area so there’s usually no waiting involved. I prefer to have that paper receipt confirming I handed it to them.

I do the same for the more expensive packages myself. Plus its all caught on their cameras too if the lose it… :slight_smile:

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The bigger post office in town makes me do that but I’ll drive 15 minutes out of my way to go to the small one because there is never a line and the 2 people that work there are great.

We also have daily usps pick at my work so half the time is just throw my prepaid stuff in with that.

Yep I use my work to print and ship all my labels and books

Bought new ink for my printer and it still said low ink so don’t bother printing from home anymore.


Be careful with that, you don’t want to get in trouble for using company resources for your own needs!

We once caught an employee printing up novels at work… So we checked the print logs (yes, our company kept those on the print server) but the printer service we used charged us per page instead of the laser printer toner to save money… But this lady had been printing personal stuff for years… She was not happy they took what she owed out a pay check. She never used printer for personal use ever again after that.

I make them scan it. Lost a package once they never scanned after leaving it. Had to refund the buyer. Years later it still hasn’t made tracking progress.

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