Is Diamond's sites down again?

Previews and the retailers site seem down ATM. These guys…

It’s not just down… it’s DOWN! Didn’t even see a timeout… just a good ol connection refused… which tells me nothing is listening or someone block off the firewall ports to the site. :wink:

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I swear…

Seems like the retailer site is back up but not previews yet. Somebody needs to hire some IT out there.

Can’t hire people with no money!


Diamond can pay them with extra copies of Animal Castle 1 ;p

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I could fix their stuff but yes they can’t a) afford my contract rate and b) I wouldn’t work for a failing company probably because I would never see the actual paycheck after work is completed

Maybe you could work out a deal whereby you get paid with a fist-full of surplus BRZRKR foil covers?