Is Miles Morales still a thing?

Looking through my back issues, I found this comic that I bought when I 1st got in to comics in 2012. Still in the polybag unopened, still bagged and boarded, still in the top loader.

Is Miles Morales still going strong? I normally check prices of what it goes for on MyComicShop is going and bring it down just a tad.

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I think he is just getting started. I purchased two of these for $12.50 early this year. One I resold for $45 and the other one I got graded at 9.6. There will be more of a demand once he appears in a movie or tv series. Hopefully in the near future…

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I think your should check sales on eBay (vice what people are asking in MCS) to gauge what it’s worth.

Thing is with the black cover it is a very hard book to find in 9.6 and above…what lies in the poly bag could be a spine riddled with ticks and rubbing around the staple…the waxy thicker stock cover is very unforgiving to blemishes.

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Yes. I had to get my pressed because the poly bag cause a crease that ran down the middle of the back cover.

I know how to check prices on eBay. My question was Miles still a thing.

I found out an interesting tidbit. Stan Lee signed 100 of them. It shows that only 55 of these comics with a signature have been graded.

December 4, (tomorrow) is my birthday so I think I will open it up and take a peek. If not, I’ll send it off to get it pressed/graded. I did feel gently along the spine and it feels clean, but who ultimately knows.

Miles is hotter than Peter Parker now…at least with recent stiff. Peter is boring and needs better writing and a spark.

So I’m not sure what you mean by a “thing.” He arrived and hit he big time as soon as the Spiderverse movie came out…and his books have only appreciated in value with minimum back slide.he is a much of a thing than any of the classic characters. His book sells 40k copies a month as well.

I’ve never been a negative sayer on here, but I’m surprised we’re entertaining if “Is Miles Morales still a thing?” More so after reading “ I know how to check prices on eBay. My question was Miles still a thing.”

Apologies if I’m off here, but one, let alone two, just seem out of place here. Even more so combined.

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Like I said, I normally go off MyComicShop prices and then bring it down a tad bit as those items are on consignment. I don’t go off ebay sold prices as much.

I’ve never been a fan of any of the Spider Man characters. I know his popularity spiked with The Spider-Verse that I have NOT EVEN seen yet.

Oh man, I encourage you to check it out. It’s gorgeous - arguably the most “comic booky” movie ever, visually, in the best way. If you have Netflix, I think it’s there.

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It was the first Spider-Man related movie made by Sony that didn’t suck donkey balls… :wink:

Okay, I lie, the Andrew Garfield ones weren’t terrible. I think he made a great Spider-Man but not our typical Peter Parker. He was a bit too serious, we need goofy teenage Peter, which is why Tom Holland has nailed the character thus far.

I like the Tobey-led, “Spider-Man,” films! The first one with Defoe was fun, and the second one with Molina was great too. Basically, good villains.

I enjoyed the first one. I did like Molina in the second. The 3rd one was awful. Then after seeing Garfield and then Holland as Spider-Man, watching 30 something year old Tobey play him just ruined them all from the first time seeing them…

Don’t forget his mostly stand-alone video game that just came out as well.

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Miles definitely needs more of a villian rogue’s gallery

Did they mean 2023? 2024 is a ways away. I guess I could click the article but I already started writing this.

Plenty of time for all shops to sign up for exclusives!

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