Is now the time to start loving older X-men reprints?

Other than the awesomeness of Moon Knight, I have always loved mutants! This is certainly much older speculation, but X-men reprints have seen little increase, but is this the beginning of that change? I am not someone who pumps and dumps, but have never understood why their reprints have not seen much love. I do have a complete run of X-men from 89 up, including everything up to the newest iteration, as well as complete sets of Classic X-men and the two sets of Amazing Adventures.

The potential begins with X-men 67-93; if you are not aware, these books are all reprints of earlier X-men issues with new covers. The run is not fully comic for comic either, especially the beginning, but you can round out a collection from the late 20’s up to issue 45 with these books. But the value? We have had the argument many times on what is a reprint, even with a new cover, it is still the same “guts” on the inside, but I believe that the ads were more current, so not a 1:1 reprint. Though a bit behind in comparison to their originals, these books have had more traditional gains compared to the other two reprinted volumes; example, you can get 45 at 9.6 for about $400, or at a 4.5 for about $60 compared to 93 (reprinting #45) at 9.6 for $375 and a 4.5 for about $30.

With Wandavision, Uncanny X-men 4 is the key issue, but at upwards of $9000, I would say that is beyond the reach of the majority of collectors. But I do not hear a peep about Amazing Adventures 1-14, from around 1973, being a viable alternative option. Each issue reprints part of the original X-men 1-6 in each issue through 12, with 13 and 14 each reprinting issues 7 and 8. Looking on the bay, you can pick up 1-14 for $50. What crap value…but why? Marvel Tales 106, which reprints Amazing Spider-Man 129, is a fraction of the value, but still commands nearly $1000 for a 9.8. Other than collected hardbound or paperback collections, there aren’t any other reprints of those early X-men issues other than Amazing Adventures. What gives?

Then there is the Classic X-men, from1986 to around 1995, that reprinted X-men Giant Sized 1 and 94 to around 206, with a few “holes” that were not reprinted (I’m looking at you 141 and 142), and in some cases, do have some added content to the original. These have started to see a gradual increase in the past few years, and high-graded copies of the early issues can set you back up to $180, which in some cases is almost half the value of the original issue. But, with that being said, you can still get 6.5-9.0 raws of these comics for about $5. Five measly dollars.

So I ask the CHU community; is the time “now” to be buying on the cusp of mutants arriving into the MCU, or will we never see these reprints see any lasting short or long-term speculation value because of the skyrocketing value of the originals?


By the looks of it mutants will be arriving in the MCU over the next couple of years
I can’t say too much about mutant spec but this was a good read I’m interested to see what other members say about this
What other ‘Keys’ does everyone recommend to pick up or keep an eye out for?

Is it preferable to buy a reprint or a lower grade (buy what you can afford) first print? I have been buying mid grade issues. They don’t look as pristine, however.

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I’ve always liked the chromium classic X-men key reprints the Spidey chromium classics go for big dollars.


I am close to having X-Men #101 and up. Few holes I am plugging but getting there. Older X-Men have been steadily rising for awhile. Should continue.

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