Is something happening with Prophet?

Lots and lots of sales of Youngblood 2 on eBay today.

wasn’t a show for it supposed to go to cw or something? I remember that news like last year

Rob liefeld posted a script cover a few days/week ago. So people might b buying off that.

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Ah that must be it. I should dig up my copies to get them ready just in case it starts selling for more serious dough.

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Years in the dollar bin and suddenly it jumps now and then…

I bet there’s a like a billion of them in the local landfills too… but don’t worry, there are still billions available at your local shops…

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I would only watch a Prophet movie is if they made sure no feet appear on screen…


It would be awesome if they did this but never told anyone. Like, everyone is always in the snow, or wading through water, or the shot is waist up, or they’re behind counters, etc.

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Jake’s just getting involved in all optioned the comics!

Go Jake go!! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

If you haven’t read Prophet #21+ by Graham and Roy do yourself a favor and read it. It’s excellent.

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Actually there’s only a handful of copies listed on eBay for Prophet #21 & none cheap. I’m going to have to dig out my copies to list. It really is a great series when they rebooted it a decade ago.

I loved the series but some of Graham’s behavior when allegations arose about him (he made a comic basically insulting accusers) soured me on supporting his work. I loved it before all that unpleasantness happened however and will still admit it’s a damn fun run.

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