Is something up with Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 5 #7?

Midtown has all three covers (including Cover A) set to 1 per Customer. And as of this posting, Cover A is Sold Out at Midtown (which may not be surprising given it’s arguably better looking than Cover B).

Am I missing something or rumors of this issue’s heat? The solicitation is pasted below, but I don’t infer anything newsworthy. I’m guessing the familiar enemy is the universal church of truth. The solicits for #8 say that Rocket is dying, so I don’t believe he’ll be dead in #7. What am I missing? While I’ve been collecting Cate’s run of Guardians, I’ve not been as jazzed about it as I have his other works (i.e Venom, Silver Surfer Black, Thanos). I assumed this issue would be no different.

What are your thoughts?

“FAITHLESS”, Part 1: The death of Rocket begins here! In the aftermath of the FINAL GAUNTLET, the Guardians of the Galaxy are taking some well deserved R&R. But their vacation is about to be cut short when a familiar, but radically powerful enemy returns. And what does all of this have to do with the whereabouts of a certain raccoon?
Rated T+

They just don’t want you to waste all your money on Donny Cates.

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Methinks thou doth protest too much. Admit you’ve been a Cates fan all along!

I’m gonna make Alana a Donny Cates fangirl t-shirt and the next time I’m vacationing in Maui, I’m dropping it off just for her… :slight_smile:

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Both Covers are still in stock at Diamond right now so they can be ordered in right now by your local shop.

I’m assuming the print size is going to be elevated since it is a major story arc beginning and they also had incentives to get better pricing if you jumped thru some hoops to qualify which basically meant I ended up ordering 12 copies of a comic I may have only ordered 2 of.

There’s the Carnage-zed theme variant also ordered to have a couple copies on hand for the themed variant chasers.

Then there’s this.

That should slide me in at about 9 times the normal qty ordered altogether.

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Death of Rocket.

But he isn’t really going to die…

Nobody ever does in comic land. :+1:

Has death of anything ever had any holding power? Other than Captain Marvel they all come back it seems. You can have lots of deaths but only 5 or 6 1st’s depending of the adjectives added to the sales pitch.

There has to be a reason for their choice we don’t know yet. Inside tip or something.

Has Uncle Ben ever ‘returned’. Not a clone, or alternate dimension, but, 616 Uncle Ben. :thinking:

Does he actually die in this one or is it like TWD where they stretch it out over two issues?

I’ll check in a bit but I thought he did a one page splash in the last issue looking all beat up/on his last paw.

Still digging, it wasn’t 5 or 6 I saw him in looking all beat up and missing parts like he’d been run over by a logging truck in a hurry to get home for supper on a dimly lite country road.

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Found it, he’s alive on the last page of #7 looking like I mentioned in the full B&W prevue available for your local store to show you. I don’t see anything spec unless it’s somehow 1st full page of a new look Rocket if “Roadkill” is a look that counts as a new costume/look like every time a hero changes cloths nowadays.

It appears everyone panicked and bought out all the stock at Diamond for both covers since last night before slowing down 5 minutes to read the FULL Prevue provided on the order page for both covers!!!

I was going to say it’s the start of a new story arc so it’s never a bad idea to have a copy on advance discounted order just in case like what just happened with CM8. I wouldn’t blow the rent money chasing this one though. If it goes up it’ll probably be more like Walking Dead 190 where people later on are chasing it for a filler issue to have a complete story to read their local store couldn’t provide for them for various reasons after FOC.

(Side Note: Every issue of the current Guardians of the Galaxy series is sold out at Diamond now except for some later printings so if you were thinking about it as a read only you better hurry before the stores back stock runs out.)

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Thanks BJ. I subscribe to Guardians but just buy one copy per issue. I don’t think any of the first 6 of this run were keys

Your Welcome!!!

I’m hoping another store takes the time to read the Preview and see if I missed anything major. Second opinions and even differing one’s are always welcome.

I enjoyed the read on the first 6, more for the mix of cast involved than the actual story so I don’t regret reading them. Visual eye candy. Now the 10 issues of X-Force that just ended this week I’m actually glad to see go. I didn’t enjoy the story or the art. In fact, better art may have had me liking the story more than I did. Hopefully some of the Post HOX/POX series like Fallen Angels and such will bring some of my less used favorites to the limelight with acceptible art.

Thanks BJ.

I will say this for the rumor. It does appear to have cleaned out E-Bay of #7. All the Funko Variants sold or were pulled and only about 5 Carnage-ized Variants are left right now from this issue.

Thanks BJ.

Your Welcome as always!!!