Is Starro the Suicide Squad 2 villain?

A couple quick peaks in the shooting of Suicide Squad 2 sizzle reel appear to show some people in the background with purple starfish attached to their face. Could we have the villain for Suicide Squad?

image image

Those pics are way too blurry to tell

I think those pics are from the first moon landing? :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re about as zoomed in as you can get even harder to tell when not zoomed in, crazy someone caught it in the backgrounds.

Brave and the Bold #28 is the first appearance of Starro - yikes. Is there a more recent “first appearance”/reboot of that character?

There’s a couple alternate reality versions out there Couldn’t tell you what books, he did fight the Avengers in the JLA/Avengers cross over, he also is a part of Sinestro corps and has 5 Lantern rings but don’t remember the issue # for that either.

There is the newer character Jarro showing up in the new Death Metal series. 1st appearance is the recent Justice League series vol 4, issue #10. I doubt this would be the version showing up in the movie. But Death Metal #3 may be setting Jarro up to potentially be a big character in the resolution of the series.

Is the first appearance of Starro expensive? Might be worth snagging a copy just in case he’s in the flick.

Yes, I’m being silly.

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It’s nice

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I saw an early trailer for suicide squad Starro shows up in his giant form and they call him a kaiju

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There have been rumors about Starro in SS2. Nothing official yet.

KCA will send an update that Brave and the Bold #28 is blowing up

Key Collector has actually had Brave and the Bold #28 in their Spec Deck for a while lol

  • [August 2020 - in the background of the Suicide Squad trailer, there appear to be Starro spores attached to the soldiers’ faces. Speculation that Sylvester Stallone will voice the alien]

Guess I’ll go digging in the dollar bins for Brave and Bold #28 if it turns out Starro is the villain in the new Suicide Squad flick. It isn’t that notable an issue, right?

/sarcasm, in case anyone worried.

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It’s actually a good time to buy one there’s a couple cheaper cbcs copies up that I would call good deals. The value has been stagnant on it for a while. With justice league rerererelease around the corner and Starro in Suicide Squad the book will start moving up again.

You say, “Cheaper,” as if it isn’t still absurdly expensive!

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