given recent sales of 60+ raw out the gate, could TANKERS #1 be the new ENIAC 1? ie. 100+ raw, 700 9.8, 2000 9.9?

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its another bad idea book, although might be more of them out there since it didn’t get allocated and no word on a not first print yet

Eniac was twice that price right away.

I dont get posts like this.
Is the current FOMO value not high enough for you ? Is this a Bad Idea promotion thread ?

I think bad idea books will be below cover in 2 years time and I preordered them all long ago.


From the solicitations tankers sounds like a better story to me than eniac, which is why I pre-ordered tankers but not eniac. We will see.


I found it interesting that the second issue of, “Eniac,” actually was released today along with the first of, “Tankers,” and that got minimal buzz. Are just the debut issues gonna be red hot?

Eniac 2 is already going for $20+ on eBay, not exactly a sleeper issue.

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Didn’t realize it shot up like that. Last I checked it was just a smidgen above cover. Still, not the level we saw with the debut!

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I think the Eniac 2 pricing is skewed because one of the bad idea stores listed there’s on their eBay store and they played by the rules and listed them at $3.99 each, so there are a ton of cover price sales dragging down the price.

I pre-ordered Tankers only because I thought the premise was silly but could be entertaining. Plus I’m a sucker for dinos but what is the deal with this > Bad Idea Pin?

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IDK but I do know I am fully onboard with Bad Idea and am ordering 5 or 6 copies of everything they put out.

Comic shops are supposed to give it to the first person who purchases the book at their store the day of. So first person who buys tankers on release day, etc

Ah gotcha. Hefty price for being the 1st.

Agreed, I buy as many of every book as a I can.

I already preordered like 6 copies of all Bad Idea books. I don’t like their bs methodology ,but if people are willing to pay ridiculous prices, then I am willing to sell it to them.


Same here too. However, I did order “Hank Howard Pizza Detective In Caligulas Safe” because I’ve been missing some Lapham goodness and for $1, how can you miss.

My shop is finally asking bad idea about selling their books. They honestly didn’t know anything about them until last night when I asked them

Has anyone’s Tankers #1 processed yet from TFAW?

No, I believe Diamond f**cked them over again and they’re late getting their new books, yet again. I can no longer blame TFAW for these types of things, it’s on the distributor to get retailers their products before release so these businesses can stay in business!