Is this typical of Unknown Comics?

I ordered this bundle of Star Wars High Republic Virgin Variants from Unknown Comics on 4/4.

It was my first order with them. As you can see, with the description, it has a date of 4/27/2022. I wasn’t sure what that meant. Fast forward to today, I still haven’t received anything and I inquire about it. They tell me that the 4/27/2022 is the street date and since it is a sale, it can take 4-6 weeks after the street date to ship “due to the high volume of orders they get for these products”.

I’m flabbergasted. First of all, why is there a street date? The bundle is for High Republic 2-13 variants, all of which have been out for months. I’m assuming they have these to bundle because they have them left over unsold from when the issues actually came out. But ok. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they have a street date of 4/27. It seriously is going to take them 4-6 weeks to ship them? What kind of a site is this?

All in all, it’s going to take over 2 months to receive comics that I ordered on 4/4(If they actually hit their 4-6 week deadline). I was hoping to have these in time for Star Wars Celebration in case they make some big High Republic announcements. I never imagined I wouldn’t have them on time. Is this typical for Unknown comics? I guess I’m spoiled by Villain Gaming and Dark Dominion.

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Street date ??? They are store exclusive variants and they’ve already come out…

It does not take 2 months, let alone a month, to ship IN STOCK books.


It does for Unknown…


it does when you have 4 or 5 new exclusives every week

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Also for tfaw with their processing times…

Maybe they should hire more people. Same goes for any retailer with apparently such huge “backlogs” of orders…

These arent new…

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At least these shops still eventually ship… ComicXposure sometimes won’t ever ship you your damn product and if there’s an issue with it, they’ll never even respond. They have zero customer service. Not even sure how they’re still in business!


Unknown is notorious for slow processing. Whatever their ETA is, add at least a month or two. My last order took about 2 months for a book that was in stock.


Wow. What a racket. Well at least I can be pretty confident that I’ll eventually get them. Good to know.

I placed an order with them on 4/24, so close to you OP. I mentioned this in the report card thread but I was going to avoid them for this exact reason, but with their the savings over ebay became like $100, so I maybe stupidly went in.
Anyways I ordered on 4/24 and got a label printed on 5/11 and silence ever since lmao.

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I used to order from them…then one time they took weeks to send me a book that I ordered pre FOC. Turns out they were running around promoting themselves at conventions while letting shipments of books slide because they already had your money so what’s the big deal to them?

I kept hearing more and more complaints over the next few convention seasons….and I stopped ordering from them. Then they started bringing in their personal views on political issues or blaming their tardiness on what’s going on in their personal lives…bad business etiquette stuff.

I needless to say all that turned me off to them for good.

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