Is/When Is Doctor Aphra Coming to Disney+

For me this isn’t so much an if as a when, but with this news article, I decided to start a thread for posterity:

Could Chloe Bennet jump from Marvel to Star Wars to play Doctor Aphra in an upcoming Disney+ show? Several sources are stating that she is is reportedly Lucasfilm’s number one choice for the role.

Ever since Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. drew to a close, there’s been a lot of speculation surrounding Chloe Bennet’s Quake making the jump over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s main continuity in an upcoming movie or TV show, with Secret Invasion being touted as the most likely destination.

However, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Ahsoka Tano would appear in The Mandalorian ‘s second run long before Rosario Dawson’s casting was announced – that Bennet could end up signing on to another major Disney property instead. According to our intel, the actress is reportedly Lucasfilm’s number one choice to play Doctor Aphra in a new Star Wars project.

Further details remain thin on the ground for now, but Aphra has been heavily linked with her own solo series on a number of occasions, which may or may not involve Darth Vader.

As always, until we get conformation from Disney\Lucasfilm take this with a pinch of salt, although we think Bennet would be the perfect choice for the role.


when it does get announced, the 1:25 9.8 will hit 5k+ over night

I’m still sitting on my two raw copies that are likely 9.8’s… if these hit 5k, I’m definitely breaking my rule of not messing with slabs and will slab to sell… that’s just cash I can’t bother not taking advantage of.

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Isn’t she gonna be busy with that terrible looking cw power puff girls show

no, that show doesnt even go a full season i bet

Really wish I had kept my darth vader 3. I feel buying now even with it being high is still a good buy

If you end up waiting for the news, I’ll happily sell you mine at $1 less than secondary market value. :wink:

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The ebay listing was “LOT OF 12 STAR WARS COMIC BOOKS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION INCLUDES NUMBER 001”, it did along with DV3. There are still some amazing Star Wars lots out there with gems included.


Raws and CGC 9.4 seem to be priced the same.

9.6 is $1000

So if you’re confident in a 9.8, then worst case is 9.6, right?

How are you going to sell this book raw?

What if it gets damaged, or the person tries to pull a fast one on you with a damaged comic saying it’s the one you sent?

Wouldn’t the $$$ to get a 9.6/9.8 be worth it (a) for the profit and (b) for the security from the switcheroo by scammers?

Unless you’re going to try to sell it here at a premium…

I don’t know why, if you’re convinced you’re going to sell this book, you wouldn’t already have it in que for grading.

I sent mine in back in december.


Another thing to consider…sending it in now to CBCS would qualify for a 2-day modern (valued up to $2k). Turn around time of 2 days for $40.

If it goes above $2k you’re looking at $90 and a two week turnaround up to $3k.

Then for books above $3k it’s $150 same day.

CGC standard service is $65 for a 23 day turnaround for books up to $1k.

Next tier is Express for $100 and a 7 day turnaround up to $3k.

And for a $5k book it’s $150 for same day.

So it’s just getting more expensive the longer you wait.

The same way I sell all my books raw… the Poyo awesome packaging fashion way… I’m awesome and when people see my awesomeness, they just praise me for selling them the best damn books at the best damn inflated premium prices with the best packaging in the world… That’s how! :crazy_face:

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Yeah…scammers will be deterred by packaging…:roll_eyes:

I will say some of my books I’m looking to flip at the right time are approaching or passing $1000…no way I’m selling them from my house…going to a 3rd party to avoid scammers…let them deal with them.

Like Mycomicshop? Is that what you mean?

mycomichop, heritage, or comiclinks are the top 3

Whelp, I guess it’s just fingers crossed on my raw Ultimate Fallout 4 on eBay right now.

While I’m not disagreeing with you at all, you may want to use a more recent example than purchases made 3 months ago. :man_shrugging:. A lot has happened and changed in our lil’ hobby over the last 3 months (and beyond). Jus’ sayin’. :v::beers:

With Mycomicshop can you adjust the price as the market changes for a particular book?

As it always is on eBay…I don’t like selling anything over $100…especially comics. Too much temptation and easy to scam you out of $$ when it comes to comics.

Not as good of a buy but this was from less than 24 hours ago so very recent, bunch of Darth Vaders including #25 for $28 including shipping.

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