Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Topic came up in another thread and just had to share how much I enjoy this show. Had to dona series rewatch on episode 1 now. LoL The Bar turned in to a gay bar.


Such a great show. The fact it’s been on the air for so many years now is hilarious in itself. I still remember seeing an early screening of the pilot and thinking “this is hilarious but no way the TV networks will let it last” :rofl:


Kind of crazy how this is technically a Disney property now.

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Who would have ever thought Frank and Bart would be Disney stars!

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Disney is on the path to owning everything…

Huge fan of the show although I’ve only watched the first 5 or 6 seasons. Until Danny Devito started it was nowhere near as good IMO. So many great classic moments. I’m doing a marathon of what I own since you got in my head.

I have to say, being from the Philly area, it is amazing to see the subtle nuances they add that are region specific. When I lived in LA, I used to go to a Philly bar to watch Eagles games. They would come by for a few games a year as well. Truly Philly at heart!

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Yeah I missed the more recent seasons so this is a good catch up.

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I love the lethal weapon spoofs. Or fat Mac :rofl:

Hahaha yes Lethal Weapon remakes were hilarious.

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I remember sending it to people and they believed it was a real movie coming out :rofl::rofl:

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It is a fantastic show. Really got going in season 2 when Danny DeVito joined as Frank. Hasn’t really slowed down since, always keeps its quality up. There are very few stinkers of episodes.

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Yeah that’s what I like very few skips if any for me. Some lulls here and there but I find them all amusing.

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Kitten Mittens!!

You’ll be smitten!

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Don’t forget Crow Milk.


Love this show! Wolf Cola all day erry day!

:joy::joy::joy: I swear this rewatch has me in tears.

gotta make it sexy… hips and nips :rofl::rofl::rofl:

They do Rickety Cricket filthy.

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