I've never sold online before

I just ordered my first batch of Gemini mailers, and I’ve got a long box of books I’m willing to part with. The thing is I’ve never done this before, so I’m hoping you folks could offer up some hints and tips as to what I can do to make this work out well.

I dont know where online you are selling the books, but when you list the books, be honest about the condition of them. And take lots of pictures showing the condition.


Do your research. Set realistic prices for market and condition. Grade conservatively. Leverage social media - put out what you’re listing and where.

Most important rule for beginners - DON’T put spec books on auction if it’s not the current TOP 10 type book. Use BIN on unusual/rare/future spec books that the whole market isn’t focusing on at the moment - set the price you’re willing to let it go at and let the market come to your price.

Package and ship how you would want to receive a package. Process and ship orders promptly. Give good feedback and ask for the same.

It’s really not rocket science - just good business. Treat it like a business and you’ll save yourself a lot of grief and aggravation. Keep good records for your taxes.

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For pricing (on eBay), look at the price others are listing for currently and then also check the sold listings to get an idea of what the book is actually being sold for. Depending if you want fast cash or just listing and don’t mind when they sell, this can give you a good range to list at.

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Thank you all for the advice so far. One thing I’m curious about is: Do you all list your items on only one website, or do you list them on multiple and then just pay the cancellation fees on the sites the item doesn’t sell on…how does that work?

I list on multiple sites. No site charges cancelation fees anymore.

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I only sell on eBay. I wouldn’t want to list a book in multiple places because of the possibility of it selling in multiple places and having to cancel orders. Which could lead to negative feedback or if you cancel orders to many times you can lose your selling privileges on eBay.


Sell cheap stuff to build up your reputation first.Buyers are less likely to scam established sellers.

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My philosophy:

  1. list honestly. If the book is NM, claim it to be. If you’re not sure, then it’s probably not. Be honest about condition.

  2. communicate. I’ve taken to messaging buyers before shipping to clearly set up expectations, and I’ve had several really positive comments about that. It also gives you an opportunity to sell additional books to that buyer.

  3. absolutely never skimp on packaging. Spend the extra few cents to pack like a tank, and you’ll never regret it.


It’s okay if unsure also to say… It appears to be NM but grade isn’t guaranteed (claim you’re not a professional grader if you need to, I do myself). What you consider NM others might. What you consdier VF others might consider NM-. It’s all an opinion most of the time.


Lots of people are leery of me because I charge a Flat $18 on Shipping but I

A.) Place items in a Gemini. Seran Wrap the Gemini (Weather) than place that in Medium Flat Rate USPS box. I send USPS Priority, WITH A SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION!! No ANDS BUTS OR IFS.
It gets in your hands or someone’s hands YOU KNOW if not it won’t be delivered and they’ll leave you a NOTICE…


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Instead of listing a grade; I list my observations/defects on the comic.
Use the full 12 pictures also - all corners (back & front); spine.

Describing the defects/observations avoids getting nailed with a grading differential that folks have. Statement of defects is a statement of fact (i.e. 3 non-color break spine tics + 2 color break tics; 1/16" tear on upper top edge; light color rub, etc…)


I like the Saran Wrap idea. I never thought of that. I use tape on all sides of the Gemini mailer. Doing this makes it so no water or anything leaks inside. This has bailed me out more than once. My postman set a package underneath my leaky rain spout and it was soaked and frozen. I opened the package and no damage to the comic at all. I would suggest everyone make it so your mailer is sealed up so you have no accidents like this. It wouldn’t be your fault but unless you have insurance, the accident would cost you.


So many great things are being said in this thread! Thank you all so much for your assistance in this undertaking.

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