James Tynion World Tree #1 Signed Copies

Hey Everyone

Haven’t done one of these in a long time. But James Tynion was in town at Third Eye Comica and I had him sign 10 copies of World Tree #1 regular cover. I will be selling 9 and keep 1. Please let me know below if anyone wants one. They will be bagged and boarded

Third Eye is selling copies for $12.99 plus shipping. I am doing them for $8 plus shipping for the first 9 who claim them below.


I will take one…please and Thank You

Does it come with a COA ?

Ditto, ill take one as well! Cover A if possible.

I can make one for you

Will DM everyone with payment info on Tuesday. Need to get more mailers.


Awesome! I’ll take a cover A!

I’d be interested in a copy. Thanks!

Ill take one

I’m good but appreciate you doing this for everyone!


Ill take one if any more left. Thanks!

3 copies left if anyone is interested.

All paid copies shipped tonight. 1 Pending, waiting for a response, this leaves 3 potentially 4 left if anyone wants them

Bump. 3 copies left. Let me know. These directly support Chu and the forum.