Jamie Foxx Returning as Electro


THR reporting that Jamie Foxx is set to reprise Electro for the third installment of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Let the speculation run rampant if Alfred Molina will return as Doc Ock as The Sinister Six cast gets filled out.

Hmmm, his version wasn’t very impressive. Not all that excited if true. Molina as Doc Ock would be pretty cool though.

In news I didn’t see coming, this wins the week so far.

I like Molina’s acting a lot and would welcome his return as Doc Ock for sure.

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That Electro movie was the worst Spider-Man movie ever made. Sandman would be the best return out of the past movie villains.


As a big fan of Thomas Haden Church I would not be opposed to Sandman returning!

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One of Molina’s best roles was in The Lost Ark! :slight_smile:



I didn’t realize that was him! The things one learns on CHU! Now I know!

So, if this news is accurate will we see a bump in ASM #9 or USM#10?

asm#9 for sure

Jamie Foxx did a pretty good job as Electro, it was more the overall plot and execution of the movie that failed. I didn’t really like the actor they cast for Harry.


Bumping this because it’s happening!