January 2024 Previews - Marvel Highlight Picks


I do love a nice foil.

But I feel like I may be abandoning Marvel in 2024, outside of season 3 Mandalorian. I’m not even sure I’ll pick up Books of Boba Fett if they decide to make it a limited series.

Sticking with Batman, Transformers, maybe Void Rivals and GI Joe in 2024.

I feel the same way, and funny enough, the Energon Universe stuff is all that I intend to pick up myself.

How the mighty have fallen…

This preview iserves as a great example why my pull list dwindled greatly in 2023, and sadly loooks to be getting even smaller in 2024.

Marvel seems to be in a chaotic mess with no real structure or vision. Or, maybe im just getting older and out of touch with the new focus? I do know i am tired of every Hero and Villain popping out a kid version of themselves…

Holefully things can get corrected and we can get back to great stories and art…hopefully…