Jaume Collet-Serra to Direct BLACK ADAM movie

I’ll keep this brief as I am not sure if Tony or Poyo were going to do a more official write up. Multiple media outlets are reporting that the Black Adam movie (staring the Rock) has finally found a director in Jaume Collet-Serra. Anyway, if you haven’t gotten that copy of Shazam #28 (first modern Black Adam, First in the DC universe and 2nd overall appearance) now would be a good time. Might still be some affordabl -ish un-graded copies around.

Yeah, seems like you can snag decent RAW copies of Shazam! #28 for around $100. Might not be a bad pickup or gamble.

I’ve thought for years Shazam! #28 has had the potential to be a major key. Black Adam has been around for so long and been a part of so many story lines its crazy to think this book was about $40 in NM just five years ago. The prices have certainly moved up with constant rumors but very little concrete until now. If having a stand alone film with maybe appearances in other DC franchise films with the Rock staring as Black Adam doesn’t push this book to Iron Man #55 territory I don’t know what will. Some risk at today’s prices, but I think a lot of upside and room for that price to grow even more. Black Adam is also a pretty cool, if not sometimes dark and complicated character even without a movie, so there is that as well. Way powerful too! A lot going for him if done right.

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I like Brosnan. This is a good casting choice.

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I was kinda hoping he’d have the hair, but it looks good.

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