Jeff Loveness on Venom?

Is anyone familiar with his writing?


It looks like he wrote mostly kid books with marvel.

As long as he makes Venom into the Venom. He can cut the rudeness all he wants lol.

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Oh hell yeah. He wrote Judas. Read it if you haven’t already. He also wrote the sci-fi book, Strange Skies Over East Berlin.

Judas was the book that made me a believer.

is Venom gonna be happy now?

I’m not reading Venom again until he turns into Spider-Man’s nemesis… :slight_smile:


Probably dropping Venom off my pull list if it doesn’t impress me early on.

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I guess. This guy seems like a comedic writer. We’ll probably get like a Deadpool story.

Judas, by Loveness, is not a comedy. Jeff Loveness is an Emmy, and WGA award winning writer. He should be able to come up with a good concept for a Venom story. What made you think he was a ‘comedy’ writer?

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Just different reviews I read at comicbookroundup about his books.

I vaguely recall liking Strange Skies over East Berlin.