Jeffrey Veregge

If you are a fan of Jeffrey Veregge‘s work, keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

He has Lupus and has ravaged him.

It’s a battle that has taken its toll. Veregge has lost 75 pounds. He’s received a liver and double kidney transplant, and he’s been a resident of Swedish Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit for more than a year.

“He’s had every kind of setback you can imagine,” his wife said. “He’s had a stroke. He’s had fluid around his heart. He’s had infections in his abdomen. He’s had sepsis.”

Jeffrey getting a visit from his son in the hospital.


That’s not good. I hope he gets better. I’m a big fan of his, I’ve got almost a full short box of his work.

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I hope he recovers; he’s in my thoughts.

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Thoughts and prayers for Jeffrey. Lupus is a horrible disease. I couldn’t believe the degree to which it had changed an ex co-worker of mine in the year he had to take away from work. I hope Jeffrey will suffer no further setbacks and will be back doing his stuff again soon.

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I looked around online but I could not find any recent news. Does anyone have any updates?

I do not, I am sorry. Last update was in April


He’s doing well despite having a rough few weeks. It feels like its just one thing after another…

The beginning of the month he tested positive for covid. His team started him on antiviral meds right away and did a great job monitoring him closely. Thanks to being up to date on his vaccines, the antiviral meds and by the grace of God, his symptoms stayed very mild 🙏 He had a few days with a low grade fever, fatigue and body aches but that was about the worst of it. He did not have any worsening issues with his lungs thank God and his vent settings didn’t have to be increased at all. Most days he was still able to do his breathing trials off the vent for short periods and do some sort of physical therapy which is amazing. Even though he’s not showing anymore covid symptoms he’s still in quarantine until day 20 after testing positive. Thankfully I’ve been allowed to still visit him while he’s got covid. I had to sign a waiver and wear the proper PPE which I’m happy to do if it means he doesn’t have to be alone. Once he has 2 negative tests they will lift the quarantine restrictions and he’ll be able to have visitors again.

As if getting covid wasn’t bad enough he is also dealing with another abdominal infection. This abcess is quite large and went undiagnosed about a week or more before they found it. He was complaining of belly pain for a few days, unbeknownst to me, and nobody did anything to check it out. It wasn’t until he got covid that they decided to do a CT scan since belly pain and confusion/delirium isn’t really a common covid symptom, they began to get suspicious. They found a large abcess that tested positive for pseudomonas bacteria.

This is a bigger setback than covid.

He’s had this particular bacteria before, ironically in his abdomen the same exact days last year as well as 3 or 4 more times since then. Pseudomonas can be aggressive and is known to be resistant to antibiotics. Because of this there aren’t many they can use. His infectious disease doctor has him on 2 different ones to cover their bases and so far they seem to be working. Please pray they continue to work and heal the infection. 🙏 He’s also had a drain tube in his abdomen for about a week. It’s doing a good job draining the abcess, the first day draining 3 liters of infected fluid. The daily output is slowing down which means it’s working to shrink the abscess. I’m praying in the next few days he can have the drain removed.

My love is so strong and determined. He’s had countless setbacks but he’s not giving up. Please pray for complete healing, that his mind, body and his determination stay strong. He’s such a warrior.

Love you all,


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