Jenny Zero Error

I have heard about this, but i havent seen the error explained. 20.00 is the average price, but without pictures of said error.

I’ve always thought error copies were a bit of an oddity. I get it means an increased rarity, but do I really care if p12 is from another book, or it has a double cover. I think recalls requiring changes of art are more interesting e.g. the Action Comics issue with the beer bottle…

Apparently there’s a page that’s not supposed to be there

I read it today and the 12th page is out of place. It’s odd because it actually kind of fits but at the same time is way out of place. Just figured it was a time jump.

I bought the error issue and it was below cover price at my LCS.I am keeping it and see where it goes.If the mini series flop, then I wouldn’t lose much.If it takes off, then I would have a bunch of extra dough.

If thats the error, then prices will fall.


At the moment, I have one of mine listed. I have “zero” interest in keeping any of my copies. Usually sell one when iron is hot and another 2-3 weeks later on these sorts of things.

Sold mine for $20

i have two, the out of place page was hard to see, plus i think the art is really bad.

I snagged one and may have another on the way. I liked the art!