JND Studios

Anyone ever hear of this outfit? Probably the best statues I’ve ever seen.


They better be great looking at those prices… look like statues for millionaires… :wink:

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Nope never heard of them but they are nice. I get all my statues from a studio in Wuhan.

Very cool promotional video, and then how they go about designing the statues. Too rich for my blood!

They are gorgeous. Never heard of them before. Honestly, I don’t know how comfortable I would be displaying $2k statues. I’d always be worried about it getting damaged.

My Harley Quinn side show statue which has such a off center balance falls over on its own. The first time it smashed another Harley statue the one from the dvd box set into smithereens with her hammer and she broke a poof ball. I glued both statues back together fine and touched up the paint. I got smart and put about 20 playing cards wedge under ones side of the base to keep it balanced, moved all other statues out of its fall path, and tucked heavy bubble wrap to the side it falls lol

I own 10 high end statues and that’s the only one I’ve ran into problems with most are heavy and can’t tip. It’s the female ones and their weird poses that you got to watch out for.