John Romita Jr Art

I know there has been a lot of talk about JRjr’s art on the forum. So wanted to put up a place to show off some of his art as it continues to get worse. I will get it started

Look at the size of the head on the first guy. Look so out of proportion, actually looks bigger on the printed page.


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Good god

I liked romita when he was doing Daredevil back in the day. I think some of these older artists now are using digital platforms to create their art as it’s much faster to produce artwork. As a result the art suffers.

I agree. I liked his work when he was younger as well. I hate to look at some of the stuff now.

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he stood out with his boxy line work, i kinda liked it but now it’s not looking too good

JRJR’s still all on paper so he has physical pages to sell.


I agree, a bunch of his older stuff was sound. It had is style but it was more proportionate. I noticed the same thing with other artists as they got older. The overall quality started to suffer a bit.


this guys work stood out as the worst by far in the newest Marvel Previews. He has a signature about his work, like Peach Momoko you can tell it is his…that’s how terrible it is. Bro needs to move on.

I’m not much of a Momoko fan but I used to like JRJR’s work way back when. I’m just curious of the decline in his work is from getting older or is he just rushing way too fast on his projects.

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