JOKER (2019) sequel is called JOKER: Folie à Deux

Joker sequel is finally confirmed by Todd Phillips through his official Instagram account with Joaquin Phoenix returning too.


They must’ve paid Joaquin a lot of money to come back. If my memory serves me right, he was going around saying that he was one and done.

I thought the article said that Joaquin was just reading the script, it’s not confirmed to be in the making yet.

Did anyone ask for this? No shade at the movie, just asking…


They should make a movie on Killer Croc or Manbat - could get some star power for it, and make a good movie.


I read somewhere that the JOKER happened due to Todd Phillips pitching the idea at a time when there was an admin crisis in WB. LOL. Seems like he did it again with this during the Discovery takeover :joy:

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Here’s a hot take: The first movie wasn’t actually a good film.


I’ll sit this one out.

I actually never got around to seeing it so I didn’t want to insult it until I can have an opinion. I just don’t recall anyone asking for more after the first one…

So by the title do we think that means there’ll be a Harley Quinn? Then they go on a spree or something?

So if people said the first flick was like, “King of Comedy,” the next one with Harley on a spree would be, “Natural Born Killers,” I guess? I could see it…

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The first movie wasnt bad, as long as you keep in mind that besides the title, it has nothing to do with Batman or comics. Its like a story of one mans descent into madness and why (good ad line :grinning:). I like the idea of introducing a Harley Quinn type character in the next movie - could be a good crazy love story. Maybe this is part of a DC alternate universe storyline.

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Watched the original and wasn’t impressed. Definitely an overrated movie and have no real interest in a sequel or prequel.

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At this rate it’s going to be its own franchise…

The articles states it’s going to be a musical.


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