Joker Movie Warning Issued

Politics aside I found this article unfortunate. I really want to see this Joker movie but already planned on not attending until after opening weekend. Because this is a comic site I wanted to bring awareness to the group. If anyone attends please be careful and most importantly have fun.

Never heard the term “incel” until this article. Too many wack jobs on the planet these days.

This is why I don’t read FOXnews or most other media outlets. Just fear mongering nonsense.


You’re a fear mongerer…you monger in the fear of missing out :wink:

Nah, not any more. I don’t give into FOMO. It helps by not even going to the comic book shop on release day anymore. :wink:

We followed the holmes trial pretty close, and I never heard the term “incels.” A little free publicity for the opening of a movie?

It is depressing when a company that makes a movie about a character EVERYONE knows is villain has to make a disclaimer saying, “You know, we really don’t support this bad-guy and we want to make that clear.” It would be like if we needed a disclaimer at the start of, “Schindler’s List,” saying, “Our movie studio was totally against the Holocaust, just so everyone knows.” I mean, are people that stupid?

Hold on, I’m being informed we are. Carry on then.


It is getting a bit ridiculous right?

I have to agree with Clint Eastwood when he said the “world’s gone pussy” when it comes to people getting offended over everything. And if me agreeing that the “world’s gone pussy” offends you… well, then, you’re part of the problem! :slight_smile:


Incels = involuntarily celibates aka idiots who cant get laid…i first heard the term about a year ago when one of these nut jobs drove his car down the sidewalk of a busy Toronto street.

Every geek is an incel as well as every nerd

Y’know…In the west anyway, it don’t think it is all that difficult to find a hooker if one really wanted to find one… I mean, if these guys are “that” hard up (no pun) there are women who will help them…for a price. Just sayin. A little “stress relief” might give them a new perspective on life.

Soo… every male aged 13 - 100? Are there a lot of women in this group? Im guessing not. Ridiculous. Simply ridiculous

One theater in my area just pulled the movie for supposed “contractual obligations”. WHAT!!?? Idiotic if you ask me.

@Ottooctavious…speak for yourself…

Seeing the movie tonight in IMAX. :black_joker::black_joker:

I just saw this. I don’t know what you guys thought, but I wasn’t really impressed. It had a few good moments but not enough to make me go and get the steelbook blu ray from best buy. I don’t think that I would even watch it again.

Does anyone think the movie was good?