Jon Bernthal to return as Punisher

Rosario Dawson let slip Punisher is coming back.

She tried to deny it later. Heh. Didn’t Patton Oswalt let slip about an Eternals sequel too?

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I am THE PUNISHER. DIE you son of a ***. —- Jon Bernthal. Can’t deny greatness. Then again their are fools who does.

I didn’t hear about this, but I’m surprised he would be in the know. I wonder how deep his Marvel ties go. I know he’s a nerd like us, but beyond MODOK I didn’t think he has/had any other Marvel roles.

He voiced Pip the Troll in the Eternals mid-credits scene…


Damn, I never realized that

2 My Friend CRUZZER…

Someday I’ll tell you my story about Portland… and basketball… :slight_smile: