Jonthan Hickman Cryptic Message

Seems Hickman is doing some cryptic messaging. That’s Jonathan Hickman for those new to the comic book world. This is the man responsible for getting Marvel to cancel all ongoing X-Men titled books before his new Powers of X #1 and House of X #1 hit store shelves.

Anyone up for deciphering his cryptic message? It’s definite Hickman work and style, who loves his own schematic type doodles and drawings.

I've done it again.

— Jonathan Hickman (@JHickman) June 9, 2019

Marvel and Hickman are both claiming these are game changers for the X-Men. This new cryptic message comes after his last tweet claiming the most important scene ever in the Marvel Universe:

Marketing is, of course, always ridiculous. So ridiculous.

This is actually the most important scene in the history of Marvel Comics.

— Jonathan Hickman (@JHickman) May 24, 2019

Dark Phoenix is coming and prof X read her mind and she enjoys that power!!

It will rock the entire MCU cause no one can stop her!

In all seriousness, I will read the first few issues cause I like Hickman’s work, but if it doesn’t grab me then I will drop it.

Yup, all new books are always on probation with me…

Other new reads for me are going to be (but not limited too)

Reaver by Image comics
Sea of Stars by Image comics
Aero by Marvel
Angel by Boom

Add Unearth to that Image list… I read issue #1 already… it’s pretty good me thinks.

That drawing just means that there will be a variant cover for every little square,dot,circle, ect.