July Previews 2021 - Indie Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight new books (and some trade/hardcovers/omnibuses) coming out of July Previews for the independent publishers.

Black Jack Demon #2. Super small publisher, first book saw some love probably because a lot of shops didn’t even order the first issue. I’m looking forward to this next issue.

Almost American #1 from Aftershock sounds like a great spy book but with a twist, pitting the CIA against the FBI.

Corset #1 sounds like a potentially interesting read. There’s also a Corset Prestige Ed #1 which I have yet to figure out what is different.

Corset #1

Eve #5 (of 5) ends the tale of this mini-series. I hope we see more after this volume but hopefully it ends well on a high note.

Eve #5 (of 5) (Cover B - Thorogood)

Eve #5 (of 5) (Cover A - Anindito)|800pxxauto

Second Sight Publishing seems to be on the ball this Previews with a bunch of new titles coming out. Not all have caught my attention but this Forsaken #1 (of 6) does. Great looking cover and the story could be interesting, not ground breaking but still interesting.

Alias Black & White #1 (of 7) is a new Chuck Dixon, bringing back Alias. Hoping for a good read and not anticipating any type of spec or heat for this one.

Alias Black & White #1 (of 7)

This Bountiful Garden #1 sounds both weird and intriguing. I’m down to checking this one out from Mad Cave Studios.

Bountiful Garden #1

It’s a typical sci-fi story and plot but I can’t resist a good sci-fi story and title. Unborn #1 is a new Source Point Press book I’m looking forward to and here’s to hoping there’s no delays between issues if the story ends up holding up, keeping me entertained.

Unborn #1 (Cover B - Ragazzoni)

Unborn #1 (Cover A - House)

These Damn Kids #1 is a story about kids. Kids who kill. I’m down cause kids are scary, even when they’re not trying to kill you.

Telepaths #1 (of 6) (Cover A - Epting) had be sold on Epting doing interior artwork.

Telepaths #1 (of 6) (Cover B - Deodato Jr)

The brand new epic from comic book legends J. Michael Straczynksi (The Amazing Spider-Man, Thor) and Steve Epting (Captain America: The Winter Soldier). An electromagnetic disturbance results in the sudden awakening of telepathic powers in a tenth of the Earth’s population. In the moments after the world comes to grip with this development, newly telepathic Boston police find themselves sent against a wrongly convicted prisoner who becomes a hero and leader of other telepaths trying to escape a world in which their powers will make them targets. Both are heroes of their own story, and the future may depend on whether or not trust can be found between them.

Maw #1 (of 5) is a new BOOM! title. I’ll let the solicit do all the explaining.

Maw #1 (of 5) (Cover B - Hutchison-Cates)
Maw #1 (of 5) (Cover C - Harding)

What happens when one woman becomes the real monster society has always made her out to be? Dragged by her sister Wendy to a feminist retreat on the remote island of Angitia, Marion Angela Weber hopes to gain some perspective and empowerment… that isn’t at the bottom of a bottle. But everything is horribly derailed after an assault on their first night there. The violent encounter awakens something in Marion she never imagined, triggering warped mutations in her body, and awakening a hunger she can’t bring herself to name. When the townsfolk react with suspicion and violence, what unforgivable act will transform Marion into the very monster they’ve made her out to be? A provocative five-issue horror series by award-winning journalist and opinion writer Jude Ellison S. Doyle (Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers: Monstrosity, Patriarchy, and the Fear of Female Power) and artist A.L. Kaplan (Full Spectrum Therapy) that explores the anger of women trapped by society’s expectations and the reclamation of power through collective rage, perfect for readers of Redlands and Something is Killing the Children.

Maw #1 (of 5) (Cover A - Kristantina)|800pxxauto

Only because it has Mullet in the title and apparently the main character has one. I’m in.

Mullet Cop #1 (Cover A - Lintern)

Mullet Cop #1 (Cover A - Lintern)

Night of the Cadillacs #1 (of 2) (Cover A - Prior) is either going to be a great read or a complete dud I think. Nothing groundbreaking with this story but if they writer does something special, could make this one special. Worthy of a checkout though.

Nobodys Child #1 (of 6) (Cover A - Borrallo) looks great. Love the originality of the story and plot for this one. Lots of covers and variants for an independent title though.

Nobodys Child #1 (of 6) (Cover B - Borrallo)
Nobodys Child #1 (of 6) (Cover C - Borrallo)
Nobodys Child #1 (of 6) (Cover D - Borrallo)

In an unspecified time in the future, it is discovered that within a special breed of albino rhinoceros there is a genetic code that holds the properties to regenerate man, that can cure all diseases, even those very serious. As a result, in a short period of time this albino rhino becomes nearly extinct, leaving just one: Sabium. Enter Bakari, a boy dealing with his own devastation, who now decides to dedicate his life to protecting this rhino.

Nobodys Child #1 (of 6) (Cover A - Borrallo)

Not All Robots #2 I’m hoping is a great series. I love sci-fi stories about the robot uprisings, robots taking over the world, etc.

Not All Robots #2

Orision #1 (of 3) is another Second Sight I got my sights on… see what I did there? Could be an interesting read.

Phantom Starkiller #1 4th Ptg Glow in the Dark Cover. You know you love it… and probably hate it at the same time. That’s why I’m mentioning it here. It has a glow in the dark cover which is likely the only reason to win you over and make you fork over some cash.

Silence #1 (of 3) (Cover A - Alex Sanchez). I seem to enjoy comic books about comic book creators and writers. This one has a twist or horror though.

Silence #1 (of 3) (Cover B - Michael Golden)

It’s just a one shot but hopefully from the sounds of it, it’s a bloody good one shot. Iron Head One Shot (Cover A - Cardoselli) and there’s Iron Head One Shot (Cover B - Cardoselli).

Intrusion One Shot (Cover A - Govar) is a Heavy Metal book that tells the story from both sides flip style.

Impossible Jones #1 (of 4) (Cover A - Hahn & Kesel) if done right sounds great.

Impossible Jones #1 (of 4) (Cover A - Hahn & Kesel)

Turbo Kid Apples Lost Adventure #1 (of 2)

Turbo Kid Apples Lost Adventure #1 (of 2) (Cover B - Browne)
Turbo Kid Apples Lost Adventure #1 (of 2) (Cover C - Massaggia)
Turbo Kid Apples Lost Adventure #1 (of 2) (Cover D - Rodriguez)
Turbo Kid Apples Lost Adventure #1 (of 2) (Cover F - Sgn Ed)

The cult movie Turbo Kid is turning into a franchise with a sequel film in development, a video game, and now with this comic written by the directors & drawn by the storyboard artist of the movie. In this first issue: The Turbo Rider faces the Robot War and Apple discovers a path that leads to the Kid! A path full of blood, gore, fights, synth music and of course BMX!


Indie Books I am going to get. This time I used Tfaw links. There are also some I didn’t include because Tfaw doesnt have the cover art yet.

There is a signed version of this as well for $14. I may grab that one but it depends on the cover art

10 Years to Death One Shot (Cover A - Richards)

Popular Manga/Anime Omnibus TPB for under $20. Yea I’ll take it

Attack on Titan Omnibus TPB Vol 01 Vol 1-3

Another Hard Case Crime series(like Minky Woodcock)

Gun Honey #1 (of 4) (Cover D - Camerini)

Tfaw doesn’t have the art for this but cover D is a FF homage

He Who Fights With Monsters #1 (Cover D - Moy R)

He Who Fights With Monsters #1 (Cover A - Delledera)

For horror fans.

Vampire Macabre Halloween Sp One Shot (Cover A - Fell)

Goofy Action Lab fun

Bigfoot Frankenstein #1

More horror stuff
Chamber of Terror #1

Godkiller Spiderland #1 (Cover A - Chang)

Horn Island Trilogy One Shot (Cover B - Daniel Gorman)

Maria Llovets Porcelain #1 (Cover E - Rich)

Tart Demons and Demagogues One Shot

Zombie Terrors Halloween Sp (Cover A - Fell)

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Also for the horror fan(which I am). Tfaw does not have these up.

I liked a lot of Avatar’s output. I wish they’d release new stuff again. They have the rare release from their Boundless imprint which is more T&A-focused but the last new Avatar comic I can think of was Providence, maybe?

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Yea idk man. I like all these gore cover sets they are doing. Mostly 6-7 covers for $13(with 35% discount I get) and it’s a little over $2 an issue. Can’t go wrong whether you wanna collect em or try to flip em

Why are they charging $7 for the sketch variant of He Who Fight With Monsters? All the other covers are $2.79 with the discount applied. If anything a blank cover should be cheaper.

I have no idea. It seems to be open order too. Maybe someone with a Diamond account can tell us

It is listed on Previews as $10 retail but it’s not showing as an incentive.