June Previews 2021 - Marvel Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight new books (and some trade/hardcovers/omnibuses) coming out of May Previews for Marvel…

Let’s just go ahead and get all those Star Wars War of the Bounty Hunters out of the way since these are all musts for the most part.

Now that we got all those War of the Bounty books mentioned, we can get on with the other highlight picks.

Avengers #47 rages on with World War She-Hulk. With Aaron writing, these will likely be entertaining reads.

Black Widow #10 marks the 50th issue for Legacy numbering for Black Widow. That’s surprising considering we are now on volume 8. After the new gal showed up in Black Widow #6, should watch to see how she pans out.

Darkhawk #1 is a must checkout with Kyle Higgins writing. Also, I really dig this regular cover by Coello.

Defenders #1 I’m looking forward to. But what’s up with Doctor Strange’s face on this regular cover? I may have to go with one of the alternate covers for this one.

Kang The Conqueror #1 is either going to be great or a dud I think. I’m hoping it’s good though, I like Kang and I think it could be a cool title if the writing is on par. Marvel seems to have faith in this one with the amount of variants it’s got listed so far.

Moon Knight #2. Oh my, you know, I’m hoping for some bad ass Moon Knight story and writing but with McNiven doing the main covers, the insides could be complete dog shit and I’m still gonna gobble these up.

Look at this cover? I was probably just gonna buy 2 of these but I might just have to buy 4 of them. Why even bother doing variant covers when it’s going to be so hard resisting the regular covers. In McNiven We Trust!

Looking forward to the next volume of T’Challa in Black Panther #1. John Ridley writing means this could be some great reading material. It’s also a bonus if Alex Ross will be doing the regular covers.

Spirits of Vengeance Spirit Rider #1 is a pick up being a huge Ghost Rider fan myself. This Okazaki cover wins me over as well.

Winter Guard #1 looks fun. I had to do a double look too, for a second there I thought Batman was now at Marvel.

Star Wars High Republic #8 is just a must pick up. Make sure you pick up Star Wars High Republic #7 as well. These could prove worthy over time.

The trade that’s worthy this round in Previews goes to Star Wars Legends Boba Fett Blood Ties TP. No cover art as of yet.

You can browse all the Marvel Titles for June 2021 Previews here at TFAW.


The Momoko Moon Knight #2 looks good.

Im pretty bullish on the Spirit Rider character. Definitely pick up this book.

I’m going to go broke with MK. I am hoping the interiors and story are strong; I want a long series!

I’m fully off the Momoko train these days, but that Momoko Defenders is really solid.

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I was bummed after realizing that I missed the beginning of the Alex Ross/Immortal Hulk run - the ship had sailed by the time I got back into comics.

Black Panther though? Think I’m going to collect the entire run if Alex Ross is doing the regular cover As.

I’m ready. :raised_hands:


Yeah, I put the new BP on my pull as soon as I saw it!


He did/does the regular cover for Captain America currently as well…

Yeah, I know… Not a fan of Captain America though :zipper_mouth_face:

I know he does Iron man too… But I’m not a big enough fan to collect an entire run of Iron Man books either, Alex Ross or not, lol.

Hulk, BP, and/or Thor however? That changes everything.

Im probably out on the new BP title. Ridley isnt a good comic writer.

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The only thing of his that I can think that I have read is The Next Batman and I just can’t get into it. I struggled through 4 issues in Future State and never could bring myself to pick up Second Son.

That being said, he apparently had a story in Superman: Red & Blue that a couple people have said is the best Superman story in a long, long time if not ever. I haven’t read it, but I likely will.

Maybe so, but The Next Batman was one of the worst comics ive read in a long time.

“The American Way,” was solid. I am digging, “The Other History of the DC Universe,” as well.

Yeah that new BP Alex Ross cover got me… I recently completed that run and am glad to start on this run of Black Panther if Ross is doing the covers that’s a bonus.

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When is the indie list coming? Oh the anticipation😬

Was gonna try and get to them over weekend but my second covid shot made me not 100% on Sunday so hopefully soon… I’ll probably wait until after the big Tuesday night spoilers and such.

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