Jupiter's Legacy on Netflix




Looks good. Gonna def watch it. :popcorn:

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Will watch, but nothing in the trailer really wowed me.

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I actually think Millars work that makes it to our screens are usually better than his writing…

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Looks mediocre.

The, “Wanted,” movie was 10X better than the comic.

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I don’t think I read or saw the movie. I can say the Secret Service which became Kingsman, I much more enjoyed the movie over the book, which seemed rushed and sloppy…

It’s been so long since I read Jupiter’s Legacy (the first volume) but the trailer brought back most of what I recalled, seems to be sticking to the plot. Some parts looked kind of cheesy… I might watch it, one day… maybe… The Boys on Amazon still seems like a better quality show and story dealing with the superheroes genre.

I just purchased 10 copies of the 1:25 variant (@ ratio). I am betting that this show is more The Boys and less Millar movie spec. Going to put them up for sale the minute they hit my mailbox.

We shall see. Worst case scenario is my “dead spec” boxes overtake my basement. Lol


I am annoyed that I already sold all my original series stuff. You could get the incentives for rather cheap from Midtown when they do their crazy 75% off sales. I am sending my Empress ratios to be graded just in case it gets to the screen since Millar has a contract with Netflix

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