Just out of curiosity

The Spider-Men #2 Pichelli variant has a cool cover with Peter and Miles unmasking one another. I don’t remember this book’s being discussed here, but when or if the two appear in the same film, would this book, in your opinions, presumably heat up what with the unmasking and the book’s being a 1:100? Just seeking opinions should anyone feel inclined to opine on the matter. Thanks, everyone.


Yeah, I would think so but the book is already very expensive. I don’t think the ceiling has been reached but the level of profit may not be super high if you are buying in right now. If you are able to get one cheaper than Ebay prices it may not be a bad idea.

Possibly, but I would think Spider-Men #1 might be a better bet as it is the first meeting of the two, with both on the cover. But then again, who knows in this crazy world!


I get that issue 1 last page is there first meet. But 2 is actual meet introductions etc. I have. Other. But I wish 2 was recognized as the meet over a last page meet.