Justice League 53

I’m pre-ordering 2 of each cover just in case there’s a surprise 1st in there, considering it’s a dark nights tie in. The end of the guide book says ‘continued in Justice League #53’ so I’m just following their instructions lol… smart move or remove from cart?

My bets on the Bat-Wang Who Laughs making his first appearance. Fingers crossed!! Seriously, it can’t be bad buying what you like. Especially if it’s cover or less you minimize your risk.

I wouldn’t get that lucky

Same I’m preordering 2 of each at $2.79 a pop. Not to crazy and if news breaks before release possibly score some more

It’s said there’s a first in 54 and 55. But that’s not always accurate.

Yeah. I had 2 copies of 53–55 scheduled already. Seems like something could happen here but as you said - you never know.

Sounds like Omega Knight is set to debut in Justice League 55, meaning he’s likely going to appear elsewhere beforehand.

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Same I read.

Omega Knight on last page cameo 1st full in next Justice League possibly or next metal tie in. FB_IMG_1600253017456

Wow, definitely something big.

That’s what she said - Michael Scott


Interesting. I hope it doesn’t turn out like the JL megazoid in death metal #2, where they built it up just to literally toss it away in the first page of DM #3.

I’m not feeling it… when was the last time a huge oversize character actually stuck and became a mainstream type of character?

The only ones I can think of and even they only show up every so often is Galactus and Ego The Living Planet… I can’t even think of any popular oversized DC characters… but then again, I’m still on my first cup of coffee…


I agree. Outside of Galactus nothing has had big time value associated with it… That may change when the Eternals is released in theaters (or home streaming). If interaction with the Celestials as actual characters good/bad or neutral results in more interest from collectors it may spill over to the DC cosmic players. Marvel going cosmic the next couple of phases at least could result in quite a few oversized cosmic types getting much closer looks. Might be a stretch but worth considering before any of these hit the big or small screen over the next half decade or so.

Fart in the wind. The multiple random batmen are not worth the money unless you are in it for the reading. If it isn’t BWL or Robin King it just doesn’t matter.

I almost wonder if Mindhunter is going to turn into something big too. Not as big as BWL or RK, but bigger than the host of other Evil Dark Knights.