Kanan Last Padawan #6 CBCS 9.8 - Good or Great Price?


I’m fairly new to the site but having a look around, I know very knowledgeable individuals are here and would like your input on this.

A local person has the book in the title and is asking for $450 for a copy or the last 2 he has for $850. After looking at some ended eBay listings, it looks to be a very good price to me though there aren’t many CBCS sold and majority are CGC. I know the price is normally lower for CBCS but at this price, I’m tempted to buy both copies as long term hold.

So question is, would you still purchase one copy at $450, which is a good price, or both at $850?


If you have the $ to float for a good long while then you should go for it. I’d probably buy both and sell one. But I’m a cheapskate :sunglasses:

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the book has a lot of important 1st fulls, 3 of those characters have been confirmed for the ashoka disney+ show. unless market completely crashes i think its a 1k+ book in 9.8 in the next year. you can always send them to cgc for case swap. the check them first before cracking slab and call you if they dont agree with previous grade from m understanding

I think you should buy two mint-looking copies raw for around $200 off eBay currently and get them graded yourself. If we’re talking purely cost-efficiency.


Yeah, thus me considering buying both though I doubt the CBCS slabs will hit the $1k mark, but we’ll never know for certain.

That is an option I didn’t consider though I’m the type that would buy the slabbed book and eliminate the potential of them coming back anything but 9.8.

For me personally, if I was presented with the same situation, I’d likely buy the one. At that point, knowing I had the 9.8 in the bag, I’d feel comfortable doing as Drunkwooky suggested and look for additional copies at a better price.

I like the book quite a bit (although I hate that it it technically their 3rd appearances), but I think you’ll be able to find 9.8 candidates with some searching and less investment.

It’s funny as much of the emphasis appears to be on Sabine, but I’m all in because of Hera.

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Buy low, sell high. Always buy the book, not the slab. That’s my golden rules when it comes to buying. If you start to focus on just the slab and the grade slapped on it, you’re going to lose in one way or another. There are no guarantees, yes, this book is hot now but you are currently buying at peak market prices as well…

If you’re buying as a collector though, throw most of that out the window except the part of “buy the book” you like most. If you’re buying to invest, honestly I would say skip it to the next book you can spec on, get for far less money and watch it appreciate in value.


This is basically the point I was trying to reach stated more succinctly and eloquently.

I’m a Star Wars collector and I just like having the books. I think if people saw my collection, they’d be horrified by the 8.5 Clone Wars 1 raw, the 7.5 Star Wars 1 (1977), the 9.0 Knights of the Old Republic 9, and the horrendous copy of Knights of the Old Republic 42. I just like owning the books, though.


low grade better than no grade


In my experience there are many a condition snobs in Star Wars fandom. My personal plan would involve finding the right raw copy and getting it graded too. I know that’s not for everyone though. And after putting in all that effort and getting a 9.6 just takes the air out of your sails. I definitely think in the long run kanan 1 and 6 will go higher.

I think this is the route I’ll be taking, will have one in a 9.8 and can add raw copies as I go and if I decide to have them graded, I’ll have that option as well.

Yup, my thoughts exactly by ending up with a 9.6 but will buy 1 copy and then some “minty” raws.