Kang the conqueror #1

Any spec on this being his 1st solo title? The Stegeman 1:50 is meh imo.

Probably not. It doesn’t look like any 1st appearances or anything groundbreaking that would have MCU spec. It seems like Marvel is just pushing awareness of him to set the stage for the movies already coming. There are store incentives, so even the ratio variants probably won’t hold value long term

People are already trying to push cover appearances and non-keys because the only real Kang book that matters is Avengers 8 and that’s out of the reach of the average comics buyer.


Depends what is inside. The solicit doesn’t give too much.

I agree the 1:50 is just ok. Nothing special.

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One of those books we should wait for confirmation before buying.

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I’ll probably buy it just because I never really followed the older comics with Kang except for when he was part of bigger events. But as far as spec goes the value is going to be in if they introduce new people as that’s more obvious a setup for MCU appearances. And that won’t be known until previews for it are out. (Unless they just tell people haha.)

Kind of like how Moon Knight #1 ended up introducing a new potential antagonist for Moon Knight.


Remember when the ultimate universe introduced Kang as a Sue storm from the future? Surprised people aren’t pumping this one lol

I remember when Ultimate Cable was a future Wolverine. The Ultimate Universe was interesting.


Hopefully Cates does something with the Maker and the Ultimates