Kang the Conqueror rumored to be the villian in Ant Man 3

CBR is reporting another big time rumor; Kang the Conqueror is rumored to be the villain in Ant Man 3. Supposedly Johnathan Majors is in talks to play Kang. All of that would be awesome “if” true! As with all rumors tread lightly and take it with a grain of salt until proven true or false. For those interested Kang the Conqueror made his first appearance in Avengers #8

Here is the link to the article.

Kinda weird choice as the first two villains are suit wearing D listers. I guess you need to bring Kang in if you plan on doing Young Avengers so I don’t know how villainy they will make him if they need to use Iron Lad later for YA. The thing I don’t like Scott Lang vs Kang just the fact it rhymes would make me use a different villain.

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Well, if true Kang could start out as a villain and evolve over time but that would mean multiple appearances in the MCU…This could be big but Marvel is going to have to confirm the rumors. Hope they do it soon either way.

For those who don’t want to shell out the cash for an Avengers #8 there are comics that may gain some heat that aren’t nearly as expensive. Avengers #24 comes to mind. A classic cover and a very early Kang appearance as well.



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Site is being slow so heres the image


Dang! Lang vs Kang?
I can sink my Fangs into that

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Oops, looking back at this thread I stated Avengers #24 when it is #23 shown. Mt bad. #23 is no longer all that cheap. I hope all those who wanted one way back when got one…or two.

WHOA !!!


MODOK could be freakishly awesome! I just hope the Director saying Jim Cary not being involved isn’t a misdirect. MODOK would work much better not being the films comedy relief.

Single appearance character from Hulk #156

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