Keanu Reeves to be in Eternals?

There is a rumour out in Hollywood that Keanu Reeves is in serious contract negotiations with Marvel Studios. It is rumoured that he will play a role in the upcoming 2020 film ‘Eternals’.


The negotiations are supposedly serious, but still in its early stages. He will most likely be portraying a supporting, good guy character.

If Reeves was to play a character in Eternals, who do you think he could be?

I’m guessing the speedster Makkari.

Just give him a gun, lots of guns! :wink:

Sorry, just went and saw John Wick 3 on Friday. Can’t wait for John Wick 4. :slight_smile:

Yeah, was reading about this. If anything and if true it will just add to the star power of the new franchise. That will lead to more interest and of course for anyone who is betting on the Eternals will help lead to a bigger payday. Maybe they will make him the Uni-Mind…I can just hear the uni-minds first word…“whoa”